The Silhouette Cameo is an awesome electronic cutting machine that allows your the precision of machine cuts into a plethora of cutting materials from the comfort of your own home! Paper, Vinyl, Tattoo Paper, Magnet Sheets and more.

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Silhouette Basics -Getting Started
Silhouette Material Tutorials
Silhouette Studio Design Software Tutorials
Silhouette Projects

Silhouette Basics – Getting Started



If you don’t have a machine you can get one here!  I have the original Silhouette Cameo.

Since then they have come out with the Silhouette Cameo 2 and Silhouette Cameo 3.  The 2 has a touchscreen and the 3 has a dual cartridge feature which makes it easy to cut and write with the same pass versus having to interchange the pens and blade as you do with the version 1 and 2.

Cameos have a 12″ cut width capability and can cut up to 10 feet in length. AMAZING!


A Silhouette Portrait is a great machine as well.  It is more budget-friendly but only has an 8 inch by 10 feet long cutting capability. The current model available in the Silhouette Portrait 2.


The Silhouette Curio is another crafting machine and is the only machine that can unlock stippling, etching, debossing, embossing and dual carriage features in Silhouette Studio design software.

The Curio has an 8.5″ x 6″ workspace area.

I do not have this machine so I cannot offer further details on it!


This custom stamp maker uses thermal printing that allows you to create 3D reliefs of custom designs on Mint stamp sheets using the Mint Software. Use the Mint’s inks to create custom stamps right in your craft room!


The silhouette Alta is a 3D printer and uses special 3D software! I do not have this machine but you can read about it here!

Silhouette Studio® Software

The Cameo, Portrait & Curio machines use a design software called Silhouette Studio.  This software is the communication between your machine and the awesome designs you want to cut!  There are several different versions of this software that will allow you to do different things:

  • Silhouette Studio:  This is free and you may download it here.
  • Silhouette Studio Designer Edition:  This version is a paid upgrade and allows you to import your own artwork in SVG format and create new designs using extra design tools and features.
  • Silhouette Studio Designer Edition Plus:  This version is a paid upgrade and includes all the SS Designer Edition features as well as additional file import options and also provides advanced rhinestone features.
  • Silhouette Studio Business Editon:  This is a paid upgrade and includes all SSDesigner Edition and SSDesigner Edition Plus features as well as provides features such as SVG export and more advanced features.  It is designed for large-scale projects and high quantity production to help save time on larger amounts of materials.

Here is a comparison chart of all the version of the software

Which Version of Silhouette Software do I need?

Great question and my answer is that I recommend starting with the Free Version and as your abilities grow and you are more comfortable with designing and with your machine, upgrade your software!

TIP:  You cannot import SVG files with the free version of Silhouette Studio, but you can import the .DXF files and most designers offer this option in their download bundles!  So YAY for the free version of the software working great!

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Silhouette Material Tutorials

What materials can I cut on the Silhouette?


Using Adhesive Vinyl with Silhouette

Using Heat Transfer (Iron-On) with Silhouette

Cutting Fabric with Silhouette

Cutting Chipboard with Silhouette

Cutting Stamping Medium with Silhouette

Using Silhouette Fabric Ink

Silhouette Tattoo Paper

Silhouette Sticker Paper

Silhouette Feature Tutorials

Learn the Silhouette machine as well as how to use different features in the Silhouette Studio Design program with these easy to follow photo tutorials.

Silhouette School Book

Silhouette Projects

My Silhouette Cameo is one of my favorite crafting tools!  See all the projects you can make with it below! Filter using the buttons or you can search for projects!

Vinyl Projects