The BEST Margarita Recipe

Happy National Margarita Day!  In honor of this glorious day I am sharing with you all my tried and true BEST Margarita Recipe.  You will never want to use margarita mix again!  It tastes wonderful and is so light and refreshing using all fresh ingredients!  My secret ingredient in the rim salt is a must!

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The Best Margarita Recipe! You will never want to use mix again!

I love margaritas.  If you have been with me here in this little space of mine on the interwebs you probably already know we have a standing Friday Night Dinner reservation at our favorite local Mexican place and I enjoy a margarita the size of my head as my reward for keeping everyone in my house alive for the week.

National Margarita Day - Make the Best Margarita

The key to the awesomeness of these margaritas is using a good quality tequila and FRESH squeezed lime juice.  Not cheap liquor and not bottle lime juice.  Believe me.  I have made these time and time again and the fresh ingredients are the KEY to this recipe being the BEST Margarita Recipe!

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12 Summer Drink Recipes at

12 Summer Drink Recipes | Monday Funday Link Party

Happy 4th of July Weekend for all of my American Friends and Happy Late Canada Day for all my Canadian Friends!  This week was super busy on the blog!  I am now 38 weeks pregnant (Yay!) and patiently impatiently awaiting Spangenbaby’s arrival!  In the mean time, here’s what happened this past week!    I shared a super fun and easy way to get your photos off your phone and into an album, some patriotic layered jello, make your own Frappes at home recipe and my all time favorite Peach Lemonade Slush Recipe!!

Last week In Review

Welcome to another week of the fantastic Monday Funday Link Party!!  This is a 8 BlogParty where you can share your latest creativity…DIY projects, crafts, and recipes!   You can link up your projects only once and be showcased on all 8 blogs!  Such great exposure for your hard work as well as countless links of inspiration and creativity!


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Hello everyone!  As I am patiently awaiting the arrival of Spangenbaby (38 weeks with boy #3) I couldn’t help but drool over some fabulous summer drink recipes from last week’s party!  I must have drinks on the brain because I shared a Make Your Own Frappe this week as well as Frozen Peach Lemonade Slush recipe!  I must be parched!

Also I wanted to make sure you all saw the fun giveaways I have going on right now at my place!  There is a $500 Christmas in July PayPal Cash Giveaway happening right now (who couldn’t use this?!?) and a super fun Jamberry Nail Wrap Giveaway and Party with Three Winners!  Yay!

Now onto the features and waiting some more for baby!  {wink}

Monday Funday Features 7-6-14

Peach Lemonade Slush Recipe

Oh friends…I have the most delicious, chilly, slushy, delicious, summery, perfect…did I say delicious yet?…drink for you! This Peach Lemonade Slush has been making an appearance for the past month at my house and we can’t get enough!  It’s amazing!  I also have 12 Summer BBQ Must Haves for you from my fellow bloggers in my Monthly Crafter Blog Hop!  It’s a delicious day here today!  {wink}

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Again this is so easy (because it has to be for me to actually make these days!) it only has 3 ingredients…4 if you count the mint leaf garnish!  Being that I am 9 months pregnant (37 weeks, 4 days to be exact) I am hot all the time!  It’s July here and it’s warm in the Midwest and being pregnant doesn’t help.  This drink is absolutely amazing and I can drink it frozen or as is if I simply can’t wait long enough for it to freeze!

Make a delicious peach slush beverage perfect for summer

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Strawberry Sangria Recipe

I know, I know…we are all supposed to be switching to fall mode.  I’d really love to do that however it’s still like 95 degrees here and really humid so I can’t help but to still feel like it’s summer here.  In honor of summer I wanted to share this deliciously perfect Strawberry Sangria Recipe that will be sure to quench your thirst and leave you thinking about the fruits of summer!

Simple Strawberry Sangria Recipe

This refreshing sangria is made with grapes, blueberries and strawberries with a bit of triple sec to give it a fresh citrus flavor in the background.  I use a Strawberry wine from St. James Winery here in St. James, MO.  It’s about 10 minutes from where I went to college in Rolla, MO so we used to frequent it on beautiful Friday afternoons in the fall and spring!  The sweetness of the wine give enough flavor that no additional sugar is needed!

I like to garnish with a whole strawberry as well as a small skewer of the grapes and blueberries.  It’s pretty and it’s like a snack while you drink :)  I mean between the fruit garnish and the fruit floating in the drink it’s like a serving in itself!  I am totally contributing to your daily intake of fruits here {wink}.

Easy Strawberry Sangria Recipe

You can get my full recipe below but I also want to remind you of some other fabulous adult drinks that you might want to add to your recipe list as well

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Strawberry Mango Water–Skin, Cholesterol, and Eye Health

I’m back again with another naturally flavored water.  This time it’s Strawberry Mango Water.  If you tried my and thought it was too strong then this one might be right up your alley!   The flavor is much more subtle and most of the “flavor” seems to come first from the delicious smell.  Strawberries and Mangoes are both very fragrant fruits so the water smells delicious even before it touches your taste buds!  As always there are health benefits to this water as well as just tasting fantastic!  This is an easy way for me to drink less sugary drinks and more water throughout the day!

Strawberry Mango Water

You can read the details below but this water is great for eye health, helps to fight bad cholesterol and also helps your complexion and skin be their best!  So not only are you getting your daily water intake that so many of us neglect ourselves of {myself included!!} but you are also giving your body extra nutrients at the same time.  You all know I love multi-tasking things!  ;-)

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Tropical Green Smoothie Recipe

As a busy mom I needed to get more vitamins in my diet.  This delicious and healthy green smoothie recipe accomplishes just that!  Kale, Spinach, Pineapple and Coconut Milk make this smoothie fabulous!  Bright green in color but fresh and sweet in taste! You and your family will love this! Green Smoothie Recipe at I am horrible about eating correctly lately.  Sometimes, I am even terrible at eating in general.  5 pm will roll around and I realize I didn’t have a meal all day!  Sometimes I pop a few grapes in my mouth when I feed the little {yes they eat during the day!} but when one or both are sitting nicely at the table eating lunch or dinner, I use that time to load the dishwasher or sweep the floor.  I’m still in the room with them and in the conversations but I am taking advantage of them being “contained and entertained” at the moment!  {If you are new here, My husband travels ALL. THE. TIME}  Like weeks on end so anything to do with ME gets put on the back burner and apparently that even includes eating…{shaking my head at myself!}

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Detox Water – Lemon, Cucumber & Mint

Let’s talk water shall we?  I don’t know about you but I always start to freak out right about now because you know what’s coming up??  {whispering}  Swimsuit Season.  Shhh…don’t say it too loudly!  The first thing that always pops in my mind is that I do not drink enough water throughout the day.  I’m so happy to share my Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water today.

Are you a water drinker?  Some people are and some aren’t.  I am NOT a water drinker!  I mean yeah sure, after the gym or on a 130 degree day, water is fabulous but for every other occasion…I tend to choose something with flavor.  I need my drink to taste like something.  I drink a lot of coffee and iced tea throughout the day and would love to cut some caffeine from my beverages, without substituting in sugary, empty calorie drinks.  So I did a bit of research and some trial and error and discovered this awesome, natural way to flavor my water!  {and it has health benefits also!  Score, multi-tasking!}

Lemon Cucumber Mint

Yes, it’s exactly what it says:  Lemon Cucumber Mint Detox Water!  So not only does it taste delicious but it also has added benefits:

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Copycat Lime-A-Rita Recipe

I am so excited to share with you a fabulous recipe that is for all you Lime-A-Rita lovers out there!  Mix up a batch of this Copycat Lime-A-Rita recipe and you night never drink one from a can again!  Cinco de Mayo Copycat Lime-a-rita at

This drink has been around much longer than the tiny cute cans in your grocery store refrigerator have.  We are huge fans of eating at Mexican restaurants and I have seen over turned Coronas in Margarita glasses for years!  Then the cute little cans of it came out.  While those are nice, I like it ever better when I can mix up a whole bit batch of a delicious drink myself.

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