If you are a font lover like me you may want to use those beautiful fonts for your projects. I will show you how to install fonts to your computer to use with Word, Cricut Design Space and Silhouette Studio!

Easily Download fonts to your computer to use with Cricut and Silhouette!

I will start by giving you a warning. Fonts. Are. Addicting. I am a Font Hoarder and there are groups for people like us. You just want them all and that is OK! Come to our group and we will share our love of fonts, lol! I have so many but not too many! {wink}


How to download fonts to your computer + video
Where to find fonts to download
How you can use installed fonts (personal vs. commercial use)
Where to use installed fonts
How to access the fonts on Word – video jump
How to use installed fonts in Cricut Design Space – video jump
How to use downloaded fonts in Silhouette Studio – video jump
Tips on Installing Fonts

A little info about fonts in general. Font files come in two extensions {extensions are at the end of the filename letting you know what type of file it is. For example, .doc (word doc) .xls (Excel file) .jpg (image file) } Fonts come in .ttf and .otf. .ttf stands for TrueType Font and .otf OpenType Font


In basic terms, .ttf was first font extension and uses glyph tables to tell how the font looks and .otf uses .ttf but expands on it and has more abilities. .otf is like .ttf 2.0, lol. Both types of fonts work well and you will encounter both in your font hunt. If both are available for download, I always choose the .otf extension over the .ttf.

How to Download Fonts to your Computer

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Step by step process to easily download fonts to your computer for use in your projects!

  1. Find Font and Click Download

    More discussion on where to find fonts below but when you find one you want to download, click the download button. Screenshot of where to click the download button to download a font to your computer

  2. Open the Zip

    When the font downloads, it will download in a zip file. These are most likely saved to your DOWNLOADS folder. Mine also shows up in my bottom toolbar (pictured below). Locate the zip file in your downloads folder or toolbar and double click to open.

    Screenshot of where the zip file loads when downloading fonts to your computer

  3. Select Font File from Zip Folder

    When you open the .zip file you will see the font file (.ttf or .otf), a read me file explaining usage for that font (more on that below) and maybe a picture image or different variations of the font. Find the .ttf or .otf file of the font and double click it.

    Screenshot showing which file in the zip to choose to download fonts to your computer

  4. Install Font

    A new window will open showing the font. Click the INSTALL button and it will take a few seconds to install. After installation, it will go back to the font window and you can close it! Screenshot of Install button to install fonts to your computer

  5. Enjoy!

    That’s it! The font is installed on your computer.
    NOTE: You may need to close out of the application you wish to use it in if you had it open before installation to see the font in that program

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Where Can I find Fonts to download to my computer?

Oh, I am so happy you asked, lol! There are so many wonderful places to find fonts. Here are some of my favorites:

I also have several posts where I have gathered my favorites! You can find those here:

How can I use the fonts I installed on my computer?

This is a very important part of being a responsible font owner! Club rule #1 is to follow the usage rules!


You will notice most of the Free fonts you find will say “Personal use only” This means that you can use the font to make your kid’s birthday invite, school flyer, create a fun to-do list, or cut yourself a vinyl decal to put on a bin. Personal uses. Gift-giving also falls under personal use.

You may also see that most free fonts are the “Demo” version. This is a slimmed-down version of the full font. Font authors offer the demo for free but if you want the full effects of the font (kerning, glyphs, extra special letters, etc.) you should purchase the full font license.


If you plan on making money from anything use the font with you will need to purchase a commercial use license. This includes creating SVG files and selling them, making birthday invites or banners and listing them in your Etsy shop. If you are making a profit of any sort, you need to purchase the license!

For example, the Believe font we installed above. You can see here the author actually writes that right in the description:

Screenshot of example of commercial use

So if I wanted to create an awesome SVG for you all to use, I would purchase the commercial license! (and I do this for my files!) Someone spent the time creating the font and working out the kinks and they deserve to be compensated for their work and creative abilities!

Where can I use downloaded fonts?

You can use these fonts on almost any program that uses fonts! I use these fonts in Word, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Cricut Design Space, and Silhouette Studio to name a few!


If you wanted to create a flyer for your kid’s school you could use fun fonts in Word! After you download the font, simply navigate to the font menu on a word document. You can type the font name in the box or you can use the drop-down to scroll down to the name!

Start typing and you are good to go! Easy Peasy! NOTE: not all extra effects and glyphs of some fonts will appear in Word.

How to use Downloaded Fonts in Silhouette Studio

  1. Open a new project in Silhouette Studio and type your word using the Text tool. With your word selected, click the A on the right tools panel to open the Text Style Panel.
  2. This will open the texy style menu and you can either type the font name directly into the search box or you can scroll through the font options.
    Screenshot of Silhouette Studio showing how to select fonts downloaded to your computer

How to use Downloaded Fonts in Cricut Design Space

  1. Open a new project in Cricut Design Space and type your word with the Text tool. With your word selected, click the font drop-down
    Screenshot showing how to use system fonts on Cricut Design Space
  2. This will open the font menu and you can see in the upper right you can either type the font name directly into the search box or you can filter by selecting “System”. That will show you only the fonts on your computer (including the ones you just downloaded!)
    Screenshot showing where to filter or search for fonts in cricut design space

You can then use this tutorial on how to create a monogram in Cricut Design Space after download and my favorite 30 Free Monogram fonts!

Tips on using Downloaded Fonts

  • In non-design programs such as word, all features of fonts might not come through. This is not a font issue but rather just a limitation of the Word Program.
  • I love to use the website Wordmark.it to view and select my fonts. You can enter in a word or phrase, click enter and it will show what you entered in ALL THE FONTS ON YOUR COMPUTER! {Where is the praise hand emoji when you need one?)
  • When using cursive/scripty fonts in Silhouette Studio and especially Cricut Design space you may further need to adjust the kerning of the font and weld it together. Tutorial on this coming soon!