I shared a sneak peak of my personalized Cookies for Santa Plate when I shared the awesome Silhouette Deals that are happening right NOW, through Dec 8th.  Today I am going to show you how I made my wording curved to wrap around my plate and share some hints I learned.

Personalized Cookies For Santa Plate at thatswhatchesaid.net_

Day 7 of 25 Days of Christmas Series at thatswhatchesaid

Supplies Needed:

  • Charger Plate (Dollar Tree)
  • Vinyl (I used Silver)
  • Transfer Paper
  • Ruler
  • scratch paper and pen

OK so we have to talk numbers here first.  In Silhouette software you use a circle to make your arc so we nave to have the right sized circle in order to look correct on our plate.  We can’t just measure the plate because then our letters wont’ be centered.  We can’t just center them without figuring out how tall our letters will be so we have to make a calculation first.

First you will have to measure your plate’s diameter.  So just edge to edge.  Like measure from the 9 to the 3 position on the clock :)  Write that number down.  Next you will want to measure about how tall you want your words to be.  I chose 1 inch to make it easy.  Finally I measured the width of the “lip” on my charger.  The area I am putting my words.  Write that number down too.

So to calculate your magic number for your curve do this calculation (its not hard!):

Width of the Lip of the Charger – height of letters  = margin

Diameter of Plate – Margin – (2)  height of letters = magical curve number

So for my 14” Diameter plate with 1” words with a 2 “ lip,  my calculations are as follows:

2” =1” = 1 inch margin

14 inch diameter – 1 inch margin – (2)1 inch height of letters = 11 inches is my magical curve number.

I then made a screencast to show you how easy it is and explain it a bit better.

Create curved or arched words using your Silhouette Studio Software!


I used my transfer paper to then position the vinyl on my plate and smooth it down!  My kids are so excited about it!  I just added a plate I already had to the center since I am not sure those chargers are food safe! 
Cookies For Santa Plate at thatswhatchesaid.net_

Personalized Cookies for Santa Plate at thatswhatchesaid.net

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