You have a Cricut!  What do you do now?  I will show you how to use the features of this amazing machine as well as navigate through the Cricut Design Space Program!  We will chat about all the materials you can cut and everything you need to know about your Cricut!

Cricut Explore Air Cutting Machine
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This page contains ALL THE CRICUT GOODNESS! You may use the search bar below to help find anything specific or refer to the table of contents to skip to what you need!


  1. Cricut Basics – Getting Started: Who, what, when and where?
  2. Cricut Material Tutorials: How to Cut, apply and use!
  3. Cricut Design Space Tutorials: Decipher the program & design like a champ!
  4. Cricut Tools: Scoring stylus or wheel? Knife blade who? Pens, what?
  5. What is an SVG?
  6. Cricut Projects

Getting Started with a Cricut

What is a Cricut Machine?

A Cricut is an electronic cutting machine that can meticulously cut a vast array of materials. The machine can cut large projects to intricate designs.

The number of materials that can be cut will depend on your machine (more about machines below)

How does a Cricut Machine Know What to Cut?

In order to tell your Cricut machine how and where to cut the designs for your project, you will need to use the software program Cricut Design Space

It is free to use and you just need an email address to sign up!  You can sign up for a Cricut ID and access Cricut Design Space here.  You may also use the Cricut Design Space App for phones and tablets.

What are the Different Cricut Cutting Machines?

There is the Explore Series, which contains the Explore, Explore Air, and Explore Air 2.

You can find a detailed post about the Explore Air here.
You can find a detailed post about the Explore Air 2 here.

Next, is the Maker. The Maker has an adaptive tool system and some advanced features which allows you to cut more materials. The adaptive tool system includes a fine point blade, knife blade, rotary cutter and scoring wheel(s).

You may find a detailed post about the Maker here.

You may also find a very helpful comparison chart about halfway down this page here to help you decide which machine will best suit your needs and budget!

What are some of the Materials I can Cut with the Cricut?

– Vinyl
– Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV or Iron-On)
– Paper
– Fabric
– Vellum
– Sticker Paper
– Tattoo Paper
– Magnet Paper
– Leather (real and faux)
– Suede (real and faux)
– Thin woods such as basswood and balsa wood
– Felt
+ so much more.  See the different cutting materials here.

Do I have to have a computer and internet access to use a Cricut

As I mentioned above in the Cricut Design Space section, there is a software program for the computer and app for IOS/Android devices.

Currently, you DO need internet access in order to use Cricut Design Space however I do hear that an offline option is coming soon.

What files and designs can I use with a Cricut?

You can choose designs, patterns, and fonts from the huge selection of options within Cricut Design Space! You have the option to pay per use or you may subscribe to Cricut Access and have full access to all included designs, fonts & patterns while your subscription is active.

You may also upload SVG files you designed or purchased as well as .png, jpg and.gif files!

Now let’s get to the different materials and how to use them! Below you will find tutorials on what the material is, how to cut it on your Cricut, how to apply and more!


Before we get into materials, here are a few techy tutorials that will come in useful:




Online Cricut Class to help you get comfortable with your Cricut


Cricut Tools & Accessories:

Machine Tools:


Cricut Accessories:

SVG Files for Cricut:

Cricut Projects