It is fun to mix and match vinyl, especially beautiful patterned vinyl and layering can often be a daunting task!  I am sharing my foolproof tips on How to Layer Vinyl the easy way!  Get perfect results every time and learn to layer vinyl like the boss you are!

One of the biggest hang-ups I hear when talking to readers or my friends about adhesive vinyl is how difficult it is to layer correctly.

It’s sticky, it gets static cling and that bottom layer jumps up to kiss that top layer before you have it centered correctly and it can be challenging to pull the layers apart without ruining them.

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I talked a bit in my DIY Journal post about how we are makers, creators, influential women, and mom bosses.  We can do hard things. 

This tip will solve all those layering problems and have you fearlessly mastering all the vinyl layers in no time!  

Layered Vinyl Monogram on a Water Bottle

Today I am using some Premium Vinyl designed by the fabulously fearless Natalie Malan.  These prints are exclusive to JOANN and they are simply stunning!  I am not sure how else to describe them. 

I am using a blue and pink-ish-coral floral pattern as the base, from the Belle Citron Sampler pack and then the pink-ish-coral watercolor “solid” from the Summer Set Sampler pack.   

I am also cutting the vinyl using my Cricut Explore Air 2 Wild Rose Edition also exclusively found at JOANN.  You can view the contents of the Wild Rose Bundle here!  There are over $100 of bonus added materials plus some awesome hashtags that you can add to your machine as I did mine!  #fearless

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How to Layer Vinyl the Easy Way:

I am layering my monogram over a patterned base shape. You can find step by step instructions on How to Create a Monogram in Cricut Design Space here.

  1. Add Shape Markers in Cricut Design Space

    With your Design ready to go in Cricut Design Space and using the shape tool, add a triangle. Resize to about half an inch.

  2. Duplicate the Triangle

    Multiply the triangle (using the duplicate tool) for as many layers as your design has. (2 layers = 2 triangles) Select all triangle layersDuplicating and selecting in Cricut Design Space

  3. Center the Triangle Layers

    With all triangle layers selected, click the Align Tool and select CenterScreenshot of selecting all layers and using align tool to center

  4. Assign Layer Colors to Each Triangle

    Select a single triangle layer in the layers panel on the right side of the canvas and change to one of the colors of your design. Note: Each layer should have its own color. Repeat for all triangle layers

    screenshot of selecting layer and changing layer color

  5. Attach Same Colored Layers

    Select like colored layers and Attach. Repeat for each color.

  6. Make It

    Click Make It and proceed to the Mat Screen. You will see each layer has a triangle where we placed it on the canvas screen. Click Continue.

  7. Cut Your Vinyl

    Connect your machine, select your material, load the mat and cut. cutting patterned vinyl on the Cricut Wild Rose Explore Air 2

  8. Weed Excess Vinyl from Triangle and Design.

    Using a weeding hook remove the excess vinyl for each layer leaving the triangle and your design. using the gold weeding hook to remove excess vinyl from design layer

  9. Prepare your Layers

    Start with the TOP layer on your workspace. Add transfer tape over your design. Use the scraper to make sure it is properly adhered to the transfer tape. Do not remove the paper backing yet. using transfer tape over top layer of layered design

  10. Expose the Triangle Marker

    Peel back the paper backing ONLY exposing the triangle. Cut away that area of paper backing, leaving the bulk of your design still covered by the backing paper. Peel back corner and remove only that corner of backing paper

  11. Line Up the Layers

    Line up the triangle of your top layer with the triangle of the layer that goes underneath (in this case our bottom layer). Lining up layers of vinylKeeping the bulk of your design covered with the paper backing ensures that you don’t get premature sticking from static cling or the sticky back of your top layer vinyl!!

  12. Adhere the layers

    When you are happy with the alignment, press down firmly and use the scraper tool to adhere the entire exposed transfer paper area to the layer below.

  13. Remove Top Layer Backing Paper

    Carefully fold the top layer over and remove the remaining paper backing from the top layer. Be sure to keep the triangles adhered.

  14. Layer The Vinyl

    Carefully return the fold to it’s original position and use the scraper to firmly adhere the top layer to the bottom.

  15. Remove Complete Decal Backing Paper

    Now that your layered design is complete. remove the bottom layer paper backing from the transfer paper.

  16. Remove Triangle Markers

    Easily peel the triangle markers off the transfer tape

  17. Apply your Layered Design

    Apply your layered design to your prepared blank.

    You can find detailed instructions and all my tips on How to Correctly Apply Craft Vinyl here.

  18. Enjoy your Project

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What Types of Vinyl Can Be Layered?

  • Premium Vinyl (permanent and removable) can be layered upon each other or used as a base layer.
  • Glitter Vinyl can only be used as a top layer.
  • Basically, if the vinyl has a smooth surface it can be layered upon. If it has a rough surface it can only be used as a top layer.

What is the Maximum number of Layers I can layer adhesive vinyl?

That is a loaded question, lol!  I always decide by what blank I am putting the layered vinyl on and what it’s used for. 

A sign hung on a wall, not being handled or “used”:  Layer away!  

A water bottle, clipboard, lunch box, etc.  (things using often, washed and heavily handled) I would limit to 3.  

There is no set rule. 

You can check this post out for more Vinyl Layering Tips

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Take the fear out of layering Vinyl with this handy trick that works every time! Step by step tutorial with photos will leave you a master of layered vinyl and open up new project doors!