Today we are taking a look at How to Use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space. Why and when you would want to use it and a Step by Step Photo Tutorial plus Screencast Video to help make you a Slice Tool master!

How to use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space
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How to use the Slice Tool in Cricut Design Space

I am going to use the rainbow design that I used in my pencil pouch projects for my How to Layer Iron On post.

As you can see here there is a solid black back layer and then colored rainbow and cloud layers.  When the whole design is selected you can also see that the slice tool is grayed out along the bottom right corner.

Screenshot of Cricut Design Space with a Rainbow Multi-Layer Design

Select the black back layer + 1 of the top layers (doesn’t matter which because you will do this process for all the top layers!)  I started with the clouds.

Showing 2 layers of design highlighted and where to click slice in Cricut Design Space

Now you can see that the slice tool is active and we can use it!  Click the slice tool when you have the 2 layers selected!

In the layers panel, you will now see the layers labeled as “slice results”.   The 2 layers have now become three.  The original back black layer, the original cloud layer and now the “sliced” result of where the black and white layers overlapped.  Here that 3rd layer is the black clouds.

Screenhot of the Slice Results layers

Delete the result that is of the overlapping areas.  In this case the black clouds layer.

Screenshot indicating which layer to delete

Repeat for all remaining layers.  1. Selecting the black back piece with a different colored layer and then 2. Slicing.

Quick Process to Slice a Design in CDS

You will be left with what looks like your original design.

Screenshot of Sliced Design overlapping in Cricut Design Space

When in fact what used to be that solid back layer is now a cut out of your top layers!

Screenshot of Sliced layers separated in Cricut Design Space

When would I need to use the Slice Tool?

That is a great question you ask!  Most commonly, I use it when I am layering specialty iron on.  Specialty Iron-on (glitter, holographic, patterned) is not meant to be layered on top of itself but sometimes you need more than 1 color!

Slicing allows all of your colors of iron on to be applied directly to the surface to give a layered look without actually being layered.

It’s also helpful when working with multi-layered designs.  If your design is intricate and has several layers or colors you may not want your layers to actually add height to your project.  Which is what happens when you add a few layers of cardstock or adhesive vinyl.  This can help give all the visual appeal of the layered design without actually layering!

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