Cricut has just revealed their new craft and machine totes and I am pretty darn excited about them for a number of reasons!  Whether you are a professional crafter or a beginner, these craft and machine totes were designed to make your life easier and we all know I heart anything that makes life easier.
Thanks to Cricut for hosting this post!

Why you need a cricut craft tote
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5 Reasons you need new Cricut Machine and Craft Totes:

1.  No craft room? No problem!

The Cricut Craft Bags & Totes Set are the answer!  The rolling craft tote holds everything…seriously!  It has a zippered front to allow easy access to contents inside.  Boasts these clear zippered organization pouches that velcro right to the lid of the tote!  Not to mention pockets!  Pockets, pockets, pockets.  I truly feel that Cricut really got into the crafter’s mind when designing these totes.  No space is wasted for storage and yet the design is still sleek and chic!


Rolling Craft Tote from Cricut

2.  Craft on the Go!

The Rolling Craft Tote holds your Machine Tote right on top!  This makes it almost effortless to transport not only your supplies but your machine safely to events, crop nights, girls nights or MOPS or moms club meetings!  The machine tote holds cords, your machine and more safely.  The ease of popping it on top of the rolling craft tote makes it a breeze to transport anywhere you need…even just within your home!  Who’s with me?  I craft ALL. OVER. MY. HOUSE. (much to my husband’s disdain!)  P.S. You can get a better deal on both of these if purchased together vs. separate!

Machine Tote Easily Connects to Cricut Craft Tote

3.  Convenience.

Would you believe it when I said I took enough supplies for 40 women, my machine, my laptop, all related cords and chargers and mouses and headed to my local MOPS meeting all the while holding a pan of my Hash brown Casserole?  I and I made it in one trip?!  I did!  The machine tote and the craft tote were designed to work together and the Shoulder Tote I can wear cross-body and it and houses my laptop, extra mats, papers, whatever I need!  Seriously all of that in one trip.

Great Crafting Laptop Bag

4.  Investment protection

So you just got your machine.  Protect it!  It’s not a $20 machine!  It is an investment and you want to protect it!  The machine tote is perfect for that with all the extra padding and design!  Just let me say it’s “I have three boys” protection!  {wink}  There is a cord well in the bottom that can easily house the electrical cord and communication cord.

Then you can place your machine on top and it’s safe and sound!

5.  Organizer’s dream

Whether you organize in your dreams or whether you want to be organized these totes and bags really can get your craft organization game in full swing.  I am no longer spending half my day looking for my supplies!   They are all right there and within my reach exactly where I need them.  I load it up and can craft for weeks right out of my totes and never have to dig through bags and bins to try to find what I need!

Crafting Totes from Cricut


5 Reasons you need a cricut craft tote system