With the help of the Rotary Blade, specific to the Cricut Maker, you can easily cut different fabrics with precision and ease to make this adorable Tooth Fairy Pillow!  No backing needed!  Cut your fabrics directly on your mat!  Options are endless!

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Two Tooth Fairy Pillows one for a boy, one a girl.
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Last week we got down to business on Everything You Need to Know about the Rotary Blade.  Today we will put that knowledge to use and create these cute tooth fairy pillows for the smallest people in your life!

For the record, the Tooth Fairy, in my house, is not very reliable! She is forgetful and apparently has a super busy schedule that makes her not always available to grab my kids’ teeth on the same day as they lose them.  If anyone would need some possible reasons that the tooth fairy did NOT come, and said reasons were accepted by small people, let me know!  {wink}

To make it easier on said Tooth Fairy, we thought we could make these cute pillows/pouches to hang on our doorknob so that our tooth was easily accessible.

Tooth Fairy Pillow Supplies:

You can find my files for this project in the Cricut Community here.

Open the project in Cricut Design Space.  Click Customize.

Change the large initial to the letter that you need for your small person.  Change the Name to your small person’s name.

Click Make it.  Each mat will be a different fabric or iron on type.


Place your fabric on the upper left corner of your FabricGrip Mat.

Remove the fine tip blade and replace it with the rotary blade.  Keep the clear cover over the gear of the rotary blade for safety.

Cricut Maker Carriage with Rotary Blade Installed

On the Mat Screen, you will want to make sure you MIRROR all the mats that you have iron on designs.  That would be the faces, bow, and names.  The circle cheeks are circles whether you mirror or not, lol!  You can find detailed information on cutting iron on here if you are not familiar.

Click Continue on the Mat Screen of Cricut Design Space.  Connect your Maker.  Select the appropriate material depending on which mat you are cutting.

TIP: You can cut mats out of order.  So once you have the rotary blade installed, cut all the fabric mats together so you do not have to keep changing your tool back and forth!

When cutting the fabric Initial, I selected Cotton as my material.

Load your mat.  Click the Cricut C on your Maker.  The carriage will move and “detect tool”.  Once it confirms the rotary blade, it will begin cutting.  Repeat for all fabric mats.

Cricut Maker with FabricGrip mat and white cotton fabric

The design/letter is cut precisely every time!

Pink FabricGrip Mat with D cut in cotton fabric

Cutting Felt with the Rotary Blade:

I used felt for the tooth pouch.  When you select Felt as your material, Design Space will suggest the fine point blade.  From experience let me tell you that the rotary blade works so. much. better.  Here is how to tell Design Space we will be cutting our felt with the Rotary blade.

With Felt selected, click the down arrow under the tools section in Design Space.

Screenshot of Cricut Design Space Showing Where to Switch Tools

It will give you the option of the fine point blade and the rotary blade.  Select Rotary blade and click Continue.

Screenshot of Tool Selections in Cricut Design Space

Now you can cut the felt with the rotary blade…and this is why…it just cuts beautifully using the rotary.

Pink FabricGrip Mat with White Felt. Showing perfectly cut Tooth Designs.

When all your mats are cut, use a weeding hook and weed the iron of all the excess vinyl.

Weeded Iron on for Project

How to Assemble the Tooth Fairy Pillow:

First, we will add our fabric initial and our iron-on name to the back piece of our pillow.  I applied the initial and did a quick stitch around the edge and then applied the iron on the name on top of that.

Fabric Stacker, Fabric Initial with Iron on Name

Using your EasyPress and the recommended Temperature Settings for the fabric and material you are using, apply the iron on.

Applying Iron on using the EasyPress 2

Next, let’s add our cute faces to the front of the tooth pocket.  Again using your EasyPress2, adhere the iron-on to the felt.

TIP:  Layer your iron on design so that you can get placement.  Remove the top layer carefully not to move the bottom layers, press, and then press the top layer!

Press the bottom layer and then the top.  I have found the new Everyday Iron on needs a cool peel so let the designs cool before you remove the transfer tape.

You can find more detailed information on Iron on and Iron on Application in these posts.

Now let’s assemble the pillow!

You have 2 options, sewing or hot glue!  I know, I know, such differences but this is not going to be used as a real pillow so hot glue works just fine if you do not have a sewing machine or just are more comfortable with a hot glue gun!

If sewing:  Place a fabric square right side up.  Cut an 8-inch length of ribbon and place as shown in the photo below. (edges of ribbon along the edge of the fabric, the loop of fabric towards the center of the fabric square)

Fabric laid out how it needs to be sewn

Place the monogram/name fabric square right side down on top of the first square and ribbon.  Pin ribbon in place if needed.

Sewing a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Sew around the edges with a straight stitch.  Leave a 2-inch gap on the bottom of the pillow.  Turn fabric right side out.

If hot gluing:  place one fabric square down right side UP.  Use small dabs of hot glue to adhere ribbon in place, positioned as above in the sewing instructions. Apply hot glue around the edge leaving a 2-inch gap at the bottom of the pillow.  Place second fabric square on top of first right side DOWN.  Wait until it’s cool and turn right side out.

For both options, stuff with batting until your liking.  Then fold the edges in and either sew or hot glue the gap to complete the pillow.

Finished Tooth Fairy Pillows personalized with initial and name

To assemble the tooth pocket:

For both sewing and gluing methods:  Place felt tooth with the face on top of blank felt tooth shape.  Sew or Glue 2 felt tooth shapes on top of one another making sure to only sew or glue around the sides and bottom.  Leave the top completely open.

Creating a Tooth Pouch

Two Tooth Pouches with Quarters in them

Using hot glue, adhere the tooth pouch onto the pillow.  Let dry and hang and enjoy!  The lost tooth fits perfectly in the felt tooth pouch and once removed the perfect spot for a dollar or two!

Easy Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillow

I am hoping the Tooth Fairy in your neck of the woods is more reliable than here!

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Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows made with the Cricut Maker! Easily cut fabric and felt and iron on and whip these up in less than an hour!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.