If you have ever tried to weed specialty vinyl or iron on materials like glitter, patterned or holographic, you probably wanted to give up!  I’m taking a look at the Cricut BrightPad™ today and sharing how it can help you keep your sanity when crafting with those hard to weed materials!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

Cricut Bright Pad, Finished Embroidery Hoop Art and Letter board
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I have mentioned a few times in my tutorials that it’s easier to weed glitter vinyl with the BrightPad.  I used it for the spider placemats that were a part of my Halloween Tablescape as well as my Christmas Pajamas I designed for Cricut Access!  Let’s really get into why it helps while we make this cute embroidery hoop craft!

How Does the BrightPad Help with Weeding?

  • 5 different brightness settings that allow you to see the thin cut lines on specialty materials such as glitter, patterned or holographic vinyl or iron on.
  • The Bright, Even LCD screen is 9.5 x 11 so equally as light from left to right and enough space to do larger projects!
  • Nonslip back means you can use 2 hands on your project weeding and not worry about the BrightPad slipping around.

Are There specific weeding tools?

I’m so glad you asked!  There is the weeding hook that you can buy on its own or in the Basic Tool Set.  It’s the first hook with the dark pink end cap in the picture below.

Then there is the Weeding Kit (the rest of the tools pictured)  which has my most favorite weeder ever! {the weeder with the mint green cap!}  Side note: weeder is a really funny word that cracks my kids up every time I say it!

Cricut Weeding Tools

I recommend giving them a try to find your favorite.  They are all handy for different purposes for sure and I love having them in my tool bucket!

Snowflake Embroidery Hoop Supplies:

Cricut Maker, Embroider Hoop Supplies and Cricut BrighPad

How to Make Winter Embroidery Hoop:

Grab the design in Cricut Access.  You can find my file here or search “Snow Much Fun ##M8B26712″

If you are using a hoop that is a different size than 6” then size your design accordingly.  Click Make it and be sure to MIRROR your mats.  Click Continue, select your machine and material which is Glitter Iron on.  Load your mats and cut the designs.

If you need more detailed instructions on cutting iron on with the Cricut click here.

Now tell me, can you even see where you need to weed this piece?  This photo was taken directly out of the Maker after it was cut.

Glitter Vinyl cut with a design on a Blue Cricut Mat

So hard to see.  Now let’s see what it looks like using the BrightPad.

Bright Pad with Glitter Vinyl on top showing cut lines

Better!  You can see the lines of the cut to help determine where to start weeding and to make sure you get the letters weeded correctly.

Here is the white piece.

BrightPad Illuminated with White Glitter Vinyl on top to see the cut pattern more easily

Again, so much better.  Some colors/patterns/types will still be easier than others but this helps so much.  My eyes are so thankful when I use the BrightPad.

Weeding insides of snowflakes from glitter iron on with BrightPad

The slim design of the BrightPad makes it easy to use just about anywhere.  My oldest loves to weed projects for me and he can take it on his bean bag chair and weed for me!  It has a 6 ft USB cord so plenty of length to reach an outlet!  It’s super lightweight also!

Next, I used my 6×7 EasyPress 2 with Mat to press the iron on onto my fabric.  My fabric is a $0.99 bandana that I picked up at Hobby Lobby, I loved that turquoise color!

Here you can find detailed information on using the EasyPress 2.

Cut Giltter Iron-on with EasyPress 2 in 6 x 7 size

Found my heat settings here on the Interactive Recommended Settings page.  I pressed according to the directions.  I did the white layer first and then the blue.  The carrier sheet of the blue helped protect my first white layer from the heat plate.

Then I centered the design on top of the inner hoop and then added the painted outer hoop and tightened.

Making an embroidery hoop craft

Trim your fabric about half inch or so from the hoop.  Fold over the hoop and hot glue in place.

Trimming fabric to finish embroider hoop project

If you are gifting this you can add a felt circle to the back to really finish it off!

I think this pompom trim looks like snowballs it HAD to go on the outside.  I just applied with hot glue.

Adding pompom trim to embroidery hoop project

Finished Winter Embroidery Hoop Art

If you love to use specialty materials the BrightPad is a huge help with weeding projects!  It is also handy for intricate designs even on regular Vinyl or Iron-on!


Easily weed intricate designs or specialty material such as glitter vinyl and iron with the Cricut BrightPad. A helpful tool to help your eyes and quickly weed your project.