If you love sewing and fabric crafts and have a Cricut Maker you will want to know everything about the Cricut Rotary Blade™!  Cut fabrics from silk to burlap with ease and detail.  I am sharing Cricut Rotary Blade Basics – Everything You Need to Know!  Your creative fabric projects will reach new levels!

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Fabric Fat Quarters with Cricut Rotary Blade
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I am in love with the rotary blade and am answering many questions that I myself had and that readers have asked me and giving you all my tips in this post!

What is the Cricut Rotary Blade?

Before we get to the tool of the hour, let’s start out with a regular manual rotary cutter.  A rotary cutter is basically a circular blade that “rotates” as it cuts!  Cricut does have a manual rotary cutter in their accessory cabinet!  This is used to cut lengths of fabric (normally in conjunction with this Acrylic Ruler and Self-healing mat).  You can find the kit here.

Cricut 45 mm Rotary Cutter

The blade is super sharp, can be used right or left handed, and the rotation of it helps cut through threads and grains of fabrics easily without the drag of a regular knife blade.

So I know you are asking how this rotary cutter can 1. be used to cut anything other than a straight line and 2.  How can THIS be used with my Cricut?  Keep reading!

Enter the star tool of the show!  The Cricut Rotary Blade.

Cricut Rotary Blade in housing for Cricut Maker

Cricut Rotary Blade is a part of the adaptive tool system that is specific to the Cricut Maker cutting machine.  The Rotary Blade will not work with the Explore family of cutting machines.

Cricut Maker with Adaptive Tools - Knife Blade, Scoring Wheel, Rotary Blade and Fine Tip Blade

The Cricut Rotary Blade will replace your fine tip blade in your Cricut Maker Machine.  As you can see it has the same circular blade that the manual rotary cutter has however it is in a smaller size and is able to be used with your Cricut Machine thanks to the rotary blade drive housing.

Cricut Maker Carriage with Rotary Blade installed

This allows you to cut shapes and designs easily on fabric with the functionality of a rotary cutter and the precision and power of the Maker machine!

Amazing right?

Goodbye Straight Lines, Hello Designs!

The Cricut Rotary Blade allows you to cut designs with precision and accuracy that is not available by cutting by hand with scissors!  The Rotary Blade can turn within a quarter of an inch to give you the detail you are looking for!

Chipboard cut out along with felt cutouts
The X’s, O’s and Hearts at the bottom were all cut from felt using the Cricut Rotary Blade! Precise and perfect! The top was cut from chipboard and the knife blade! The Maker is so versatile!

I Could Cut Fabrics with My Explore.  How is the Rotary Blade Different?

You are correct!  The Explore series does have the ability to cut fabrics using the Bonded Fabric Blade!  However, for the Explore series, your fabric needs to be backed with some sort of stabilizer like Wunder Under or Heat n Bond.

By using the Maker and Rotary Blade, you do not need to have any sort of backing or stabilizer on your fabric!  It goes straight on the FabricMat.

The Maker and Rotary Blade also allow you to make multi-layer cuts, up to three layers of fabric at a time!  That is not possible with the Explore series!

What Fabrics Can the Cricut Rotary Blade Cut?

You can cut burlap to linen to silk, lace and crepe paper!  Yep, even crepe paper for those awesome flowers!  Corkboard as well as leather!  There are over 125 fabrics listed in Cricut Design space to choose from!  You can see a small snippet here:

Screenshot of a small snippet of fabric options in Cricut Design Space

What Extra Tools Do I Need to use with the Rotary Blade?

None!  That’s right!  Did you know that the Rotary Blade comes with the Cricut Maker machine?  It sure does, right in the box!  The FabricGrip™ Mat (pink mat) also comes with your maker.  Those two tools are all you need to get started!

Cricut, of course, has more accessories that are helpful however totally optional.  Those include:

There is also a Rotary Blade Replacement Kit for when you make a whole bunch of fabric projects and need to replace the blade :)  Fangirling aside, replace your rotary blade when you notice uncut threads or when the material settings in Design Space™ no longer seem accurate.

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What Mat do I use with Fabric & the Rotary Blade?

You use the FabricGrip Mat (pink mat) that I mentioned above. It comes with your Cricut Maker and Rotary Blade.

Do I have to use the Pink Mat?

Well for starters, it comes in the box already, so why not?

The FabricGrip mat is specifically made for fabric applications.  The FabricGrip mat is made of a stronger, more dense material that will withstand the intense pressures of the rotary cutting process.

What Designs Can I Cut with the Rotary Blade?

In Design Space, you can find hundreds of sewing and quilting patterns.  Simply navigate to Projects in the left panel in Design Space and then select “sewing” from the Category drop-down menu.

Screenshot of how to locate sewing projects within Cricut Design Space

You can also use the images within Design space to cut for appliques and more!  Design your project, click Make It, and select your material as fabric.  Design Space will then advise you to insert the rotary blade and it will cut your shape from fabric!

Screenshot of an image in Cricut Design Space

Have you heard of Cricut Access?  It’s a subscription service that allows you to use any of the images, fonts and ready to make projects in Cricut Design space that have the green “a” on them for free!  This could be a great option if you are often creating and if you would rather use a premade design versus making one yourself!

How small can the Rotary Blade Cut?

Cricut recommends no smaller than 3/4″ for your image and design pieces.  Smaller than 3/4″ images may cause the blade to scrape as it tries to make a small turn, which may leave a gouge in your mat, and may diminish the life of the blade.

As you can see from the XOXO image above, I did cut a smaller width than 3/4″ for the white outlines, but that was also pretty smooth lines!  At the bottom of this post, you can see more projects I have used the rotary blade and the smaller designs I was able to cut.

So I’d say anything smaller than 3/4″ would be a trial and error type thing.

Where Can I get materials to cut with my Rotary Blade?

Almost anywhere!   Cricut has you covered with fabrics, leather, felt and more!  You can also find great materials at JOANN fabric & Crafts, Hobby Lobby and Michael’s!

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Here are a few projects I have already used my Rotary Blade with my Cricut Maker:


Everything You need to know about the Cricut Rotary Blade. How to install, what it can do and how to use it!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.