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How to Use Print then Cut Feature – Cricut

Step by step tutorial that will unleash a whole new level of crafting!

The Cricut can do many fun things including a print and cut feature!  In this post I will walk you through how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space! You print something on your home computer and then you can cut the design out on your Cricut machine!  Awesome right?!

how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space
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If you are new to Cricut Design Space or to your Cricut Machine you might want to check out my post on Getting Started with Your Cricut.

I will demonstrate how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space with these Unicorn Printable Valentine Cards.  They are cute right but if you are a parent and have to make 30 of them for a class party you are thinking how awful it will be to cut all of those out by hand!  Have no fear, you can use your Cricut machine to do the hard work for you!

How to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space:

First you will open Design Space.  If you do not have a Design Space account you can get one here. It is free :)

1. Click on New Project.  You may do so by selecting the Green Box in the Upper Right corner or the + in My Projects.

Start new Project in Design Space

2.  Upload your design by clicking the Upload button on the left side panel.  This will then open the next screen where you can select Upload Image.

Uploading New File into cricut Design Space

3. Select Browse and locate your design on your computer.  Click Open.

How to use Cricut Print and Cut Feature

4.  You will then select your Image Type based on your design.  Then click Continue in the bottom right.

Upload Image for Print then Cut Feature using Cricut Design Space

This will open up and your image will look something like this!

Print then Cut File Import on Cricut Design space

5. We need to tell your Cricut where to cut. Using your mouse select the areas around the image that you want to “erase”.  Mine then looked like this.  You can see the transparent background where we removed the image.   Click Continue.

Print then Cut Cut file Import

6. This will show you what the cut file will look like.  If you need to make any adjustments, choose Back.  If it is correct, then select Save as print then cut image and then hit Save in the lower right corner.

Save as a Print then cut image on Cricut Design Space

7. Finally you can select your print then cut image and insert it into your project canvas using the Insert Images button in the bottom right.

Insert Print then Cut Image

8. I then resized my image. (No larger than 9.25″ x 6.75″) Click Make It in the upper right corner of your screen.  Note that there will be a printer where a color normally is for your mat.

how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space

9.  Now you are ready to print then cut!  This is how your design will look with that black border around it.  Your Cricut will read those lines and know where to cut!  Click Continue in the lower right.

how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space

10. Select Send to Printer and choose your printer and print.

how to use print then cut feature using Cricut Design Space

Apply your printed image to your Cricut Mat and load into your machine as you would when you cut anything else.  Set your material and press Go!  Your machine will read all the lines on all sides of the sensor marking and will then cut.

Project Complete!

Cricut Gives Your Ultimate Cutting Precision

Notes about Print then Cut Feature using Cricut Design Space:

  • When on the print set up screen you have the option to turn Bleed on or off.  Bleed extends the ink slightly beyond the border of the image to eliminate a white margin once the image is cut.
  • Default material size for Print Then Cut is 8 ½ x 11″
  • Maximum print size for Print Then Cut is 9.25″ x 6.75″ for all browsers.
  • If you think your calibration is off on your machine, check out Cori’s post on how to troubleshoot the calibration.

You can find the full tutorial, final project and print file for these awesome Unicorn Valentines Here.

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If you are looking for a comprehensive guide to Cricut I suggest Cricut Academy.  My friend Cori, from Hey, Let’s Make Stuff is sharing all her knowledge in a single platform.  Grab the entire course now before the next module is released and the price goes up!

Picutre of Cricut Design Space


How to use the Print then Cut Feature on Cricut Design Space


  1. I followed your excellent instructions and everything looked great, but when I printed it didn’t come out correctly.
    Instead of getting the dimensions that were showing on the screen, I got a shrunken version.
    Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

    1. Hi Lynnette, How shrunken was it? The maximum size for Print then cut is no larger than 9.25″ x 6.75″. If it was smaller than this then I recommend checking your page settings on your print screen. They may have been set to a smaller size. Maybe sure Full Size or Fit to Page is selected there.

  2. Every time I try a project like this, it wants to cut every detail of my image. For example i’m trying to make a square sticker that has text in the middle. I just want it to cut the square and everything it cuts the text! I feel like I’ve tried everything..

    1. Kari that is SOOOO frustrating! OK here are my tips (I should make this a blog post, lol!) 1. Make sure your cut lines are at the bottom of the layers panel and your print is at the top. 2. Make sure not only does your designs have the print icon next to them (versus the scissors for cut) but that you select all the print layers and FLATTEN them together. Flatten is at the bottom right corner of the layers panel. Those things normally solve the print/cut problems!

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