Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or hosting Thanksgiving Dinner, these pumpkin place cards from Cricut Design Space are so cute and classy!   Utilize the new scoring wheel, cut and write functions and get these made in no time at all!  The best part is you can easily swap out the leaves with the names and use these pumpkins over and over again!

Quick and easy Pumpkin Place cards made with the help of a Cricut Maker
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The great thing about a Cricut (Explore models and above) is that they can do more than just cut!  Insert the Scoring tool on the Explore models or the new scoring wheel for the Maker and the machine will score lines for easy, crisp folds.  Then replace with the pen and fine tip blade and the machines can write with the Cricut Pens and then cut with the blade in one swoop!

I am busy.  I know you are as well.  Two things really appeal to me here.  1.  This ONE machine can do ALL. THE. THINGS and 2. These pumpkins can easily take me from Halloween into Thanksgiving.  It is as simple as changing out the small pumpkin leaf where the name is written!  Multi-tasking things are #1 in my book!

Supplies for Pumpkin Place Cards:

Customize Pumpkin Place Cards:

You can find this design by searching #M6A4C5F3 or you can use my file here.

If you open my file, make sure to select CUSTOMIZE as you will want to change the names from my friends to yours!  Unless you want my friends at your dinner party, which is totally cool because they are super awesome {wink}.

Duplicate if you need more place cards or delete if you need less.  My file is for 4 settings.

How to Cut & Write Pumpkin Place Cards:

For this project, I used the blue mat that came with my Maker.

The Nature Cardstock Sampler has 2 colors of orange it in.  Choose your favorite!  You will also need a sheet of green for the stem/leaf.

Click Make it!

Select Cardstock from the Materials list if using a Maker or turn the knob to cardstock on the Explore.

Load your mat into the machine and make sure your Cricut Pen is in Clamp A and the fine point blade is in Clamp B.

Press the Cricut “C” to begin writing and cutting!

TIP: When your project is finished cutting, remove your mat and bend/roll your mat.  This helps release the shapes from your mat to make them easier to remove!

How to Assemble Pumpkin Place Cards:

There are eight pumpkin body shapes and 1 full pumpkin.  Start by folding the pumpkin body shapes along the scoreline.

Paper PUmpkin Pieces & Glue Ready to be assembled

Note:  The Nature Sampler pack has one side of the cardstock with texture.  Make sure you are folding your pumpkins in the same direction so that the texture is in the same direction.

Once folded use a tape runner or tacky glue to assemble 4 of the pumpkin body pieces together, repeat with the remaining 4 so that you have 2 half pumpkins.

Assemble 4 of the Pumpkin Pieces together to form 1/2 of the finished pumpkin

Adhere both halves onto the complete pumpkin piece.

Complete the assembly of the paper pumpkin

For the leaf and stem, I curled the stem piece around a pen and then used a dab of tacky glue to adhere it to the paper pumpkin and then another dab to glue on the leaf.

Easy to make Pumpkin Place cards perfect for Halloween or Thanksgiving

This little pumpkin can work both for Halloween and Thanksgiving!  It will be your go-to fall place card!  These would even be cute just as table decor or on your mantel.  You can resize them and make a whole family like my Clay Pot Pumpkin Family!

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