Create a personalized Thankful Table Runner with the new EasyPress 2!  Each year have everyone at your table add what they are thankful for.  Soon you will have a beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Table Runner showing all the good in your life with the people you love!  A great tradition!

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Finished ThanksgivingTable Runner along with EasyPress 2 and some small pumkins
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I have shared my love for the EasyPress a few times in the past.  It’s just amazing!  I am even more excited to share with you the EasyPress 2!

A few things about the new EasyPress 2 before we get our craft on: the first thing to note about the EasyPress 2 is that there are three sizes!!! 6×7, 9×9, and 12×10


6×7  is perfect for smaller projects like baby onesies, makeup bags, and hair bows.  Things smaller/slimmer in profile.

9×9 is perfect for children’s shirts, camp chairs, tote bags and so much more.

12×10 is perfect for adult shirts, blankets, table runners, placemats, larger projects where you just want to press once! <–seriously crafty life changing for me, lol

EasyPress 2 in 12x10 size on top of the new large mat.

The new sizes also come with new mat sizes as well!  Guys, I love them all!

The EasyPress 2 is…well…EASY!  It’s easy to use, has a digital display and the EasyPress 2 has precise temperature control all the way to 400F!

Picture of the EasyPress 2 digital temperature display and control panel

It also has a ceramic coated heat plate which means you will get dry even heat throughout the entire surface for easy transfers!  They named it EasyPress appropriately!  In less than 60 seconds you can have professional iron-on results from the comfort of your own home or craft room!

Speaking of your home and craft room, the EasyPress 2 has a safety base that will keep the press in a protected resting position while heating up and while you are not pressing.  It will protect your craft surface.  I love that it is less bulky than the original EasyPress base!  The EasyPress 2 will also automatically shut off!

A new feature on EasyPress 2 is that it has a USB port on the back.  So when there is an update you can plug it into your computer and update the firmware!  How great is that?  It also will remember your previous temperature setting!  {all the praise hands!}  This is great if you tend to work with the same fabrics and iron on often!

Close up of mini USB port on back of EasyPress 2

OK let’s get to crafting with our new magic maker!  We are making this fun memory Thanksgiving table runner!

Runner showing center design as well as edge designs

Supplies for DIY Thanksgiving Table Runner:

You may find the project file for this table runner here in the Cricut Community.

Supplies for project: EasyPress 2, Iron on Vinyl and Table Runner

If you are new to Iron-on you may check out my Iron-on Basics post here as well as all my tips for iron-on application. We will go over the specific application for this project below.

Cut your iron on vinyl using your Cricut Maker.

Apply the iron-on, liner side down to a standard green mat.  Mirror your design in Cricut Design Space and then select “browse all materials” and then choose Foil Iron on or Everyday Iron-on depending on the mat you are cutting.  You may find more detailed information on cutting iron-on here.

TIP: The Foil Iron-on looks a bit different than regular iron on.  The pretty foil side needs to go down on your mat.

Cricut Maker with Foil Iron on loaded on a green mat

Cricut StrongBond Guarantee

Obviously when you make an awesome table runner, fabric napkins, shirt or onesie you want the iron on to stick after tons of washes.  Cricut has a StrongBond™ Guarantee on many of their iron-on materials, which means that when used as directed, you will be completely satisfied with the results.  If not, they will replace it for free!  The Everyday Iron on we are using has this guarantee!

How to Use the EasyPress 2

It is always recommended to consult the EasyPress Recommended Settings to get the temperature and time you need to press.   There is a section for using the EasyPress with the EasyPress mat and a section for using a towel underneath your project.

I keep that bookmarked in my browser because Cricut is always updating it and adding more materials!

Our runner is 100% cotton and we are using Foil Iron-on and Everyday Iron-on.

Press the power button.

Press the thermometer button.  This will tell the EasyPress we want to input the temperature.  Use the +/- buttons to adjust.

Press the Clock button.  Use the +/- buttons to adjust the time.

When you are ready to press you will press the green Cricut C and that will start the countdown timer!

The larger EasyPress 2 size makes this runner a breeze because it covers the entire design in one press.

12 x 10 EasyPress 2 being used on a table runner

How to EasyPress 2 Different Iron-on Types

You may notice that Foil and Everyday Iron on each have their own specific settings on the recommended settings chart.  What do we do now?

Recommended EasyPress Settings for Foil and Everyday Iron-on

When this is the case, you want to start with the material with the HIGHEST temperature.  So, for our project, we will start with our Everyday Iron-on.

Table Runner with Iron on positioned on top waiting to be pressed.

Everyday Iron-on Application:

Preheat the runner for 5 seconds.

Apply the Everyday Iron-on with liner side up onto the runner.

EasyPress at 315F or 30 seconds.

Turn over and heat the back for 15 seconds.

Everyday iron on is WARM peel so we can remove the liner as soon as it is cool enough to touch.

Foil Iron-on Application:

Preheat the area for 5 seconds.

Apply the Foil Iron-on with liner side up onto the runner.

EasyPress at 295F for 30 seconds.

Turn over and heat the back for 15 seconds.

Foil Iron-on is COOL peel which means you need to wait at least 2 minutes until the material is cool to remove the liner.

TIP: So that you don’t have to keep changing the temperature of your EasyPress 2, work with all the Everyday Iron on at once and then move to the foil.

I pressed all my black iron on first and then went back and did the foil.  You may have to give your EasyPress 2 a few minutes when you change it from 315F to 295F to “cool” to 295F.

Note:  I did not have to worry about covering the black everyday iron on design when pressing the foil adhesive.  I pressed directly on top and it was perfectly fine.

Finished Runner with Cricut EasyPress 2

How to Use DIY Thanksgiving Table Runner

Option 1: Use the runner on your table and have each member add what they are most thankful for that year with the fabric pen.  Keep adding year after year until you are left with a wonderful family memory keepsake!

Option 2:  Instead of writing on the runner, give each member of your family their own napkin.  Have them write what they are thankful for on their napkin and add to it each year!

Table runner with family's written thanks

I am imagining this with your immediate family, so I would do it for my family of 5!  It doesn’t have to be on Thanksgiving Dinner it could just be for around Thanksgiving time!

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Create a perfect thanksgiving keepsake with this DIY Family Thankful Thanksgiving Table Runner! Add what you are thankful for each year!

Thanksgiving Traditions from my Friends:

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