Well this might be the most simple project but it also might be my most favorite one on my fall mantle.  Clay pot pumpkins!  I made one for each member of the family!

Clay Pot Pumpkins Square

Supplies needed:

  • Terra Cotta Clay pots
  • Orange Spray Paint
  • Sticks
  • Raffia (for the girls!)
  • Washi Tape/thin wire or pipe cleaners

I started out by giving my pots 2 coats of orange spray paint.  You can even leave them as their original terra cotta color if you want to.  I just had some orange spray paint that had been calling my name….{or perhaps those were the voices in my head?!?}  Either way they turned orange!

Next I found some sticks in the yard.  Broke them down to size and hot glued them in the holes of the pots.

Hot Glue Stick for a Stem

Next I made some green vines for the tops.  I used some green washi tape and some thin jewelry wire to ultimately create washi tape twisty ties!

Start by taping down a piece of your washi tape, sticky side up.  Then tape down two strips of your thin wire.

Washi Twisty tie

Next place a piece of washi tape over the first piece, sandwiching in the wire.  Press the two pieces of washi together tight around the wire.  Using a ruler and craft knife, cut down the center creating two strips.

Cut 2 strips

Twisty Ties

Curl the “twisty ties” around a pencil and hot glue onto the stems of the pumpkins!

Cute Pumpkin Curl

I used a large pot for Fred, a smaller one for me and then two baby ones for the boys.  I had to give me something special since I was the only girl and to show that these pumpkins were a family so I gave me a little bow with a strip of raffia!

Girl Bow on Pumpkin Pot

So there is a complete pumpkin family.  I kind of love them…so simple but cute!

Clay Pot Pumpkins

Psst…if you love washi like I do…you can check out all my other projects where I used Washi Tape too!

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