I am digging into my brain and sharing a cute little project that we did when I was a child in Girl Scouts…Turkey Napkin Rings!  Aren’t they AH-DOR-ABLE??  Who wouldn’t want to sit down for a Thanksgiving meal and not have one of these little guys keeping their napkin all snug as a bug?!?

Napking Rings

Supplies Needed:

  • Fall fake flower stems (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot Glue/Glue Gun
  • Small Clothespins
  • Paint (Brown & Orange), Paint brush
  • Raffia
  • Burlap
  • Empty paper towel rolls

I started off by plucking the blooms from several fall fake flower bunches and then further disassembling the blooms into their individual flower layers.


Next I re-layered the flowers, but alternating the colors of the petal layers.


Once I had my color “feather” arrangements the way I liked, I hot glued the layers back together and then cut them glued pieces in half.  These are your turkey feathers.


Next I painted my clothespins.  I did brown on top and some orange at the bottom for the feet.  You can also paint faces on them too if you’d like!


Once those were dry I hot glued the clothes pins to the feathers.

IMG_4160Next to assemble the napkin rings.  I chose to do two styles…well frankly because I wanted to see how both looked!

Napkin Ring Types 1

For the burlap rings:

Cut a length of burlap that will wrap around the empty paper towel roll.  Also make sure to leave excess on both the top and bottom to wrap around into the inside.

Cut a 1” length of the empty paper towel roll.  Wrap your burlap around the roll and hot glue in place and then fold over the tops and bottoms and hot glue in place to fully cover the cardboard.

For the raffia rings:

Gather a bundle of raffia tightly and from into a ring.  Take a single piece of the raffia from the bundle and wrap it around the ring and tie in a knot.  I also repeated this with an extra strand of raffia on the opposite side of the ring.  trim excess from both sides of the knot.

Next glue your turkeys with feathers onto your rings.

Turkey Day Napkin Rings

You can also make a few magnets with these guys!  They will be just as cute on your refrigerator as they will on a napkin ring!

Turkey Napkin Ring from Flowers

Heading to a relative’s house for Turkey Day?  How about slipping one of these guys over the neck of a bottle of wine as a Thanksgiving Day Host/Hostess gift?!

Turkey Napking Ring 1

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