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Grinch Ornament Free SVG

Add that devious grin to your Christmas Tree with this easy DIY Grinch Ornament!  Plastic ornament + green paper filler + my free Santa Grinch Cut File and you have an adorable new ornament that can also be perfect for a handmade gift!

Fun Grinch Ornament with him sporting a Santa Hat!
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I have been somewhat on a Grinch kick if you will.  I originally made the Grinch Face Cut File as a tutorial on how to use the trace feature on Silhouette Studio Software.  Since then I have made Coffee, Hot Chocolate, & Tea mugs as well Grinch Wine Glasses and a cut file of the Grinch with Yellow Eyes and let’s not forget my Resting Grinch Face shirt or the delicious Grinch Pretzel Bites.

He is just so easy to craft with because he is such a fan favorite!  Today I thought I would add him to my tree and also get him in the Christmas Spirit with a Santa Hat.  This Santa Grinch Cut File could also be used on the coffee mugs, wine glasses or on a shirt or tote!  You just have to resize it!

Easily make a grinch ornament with this free cut file

Supplies for Grinch Ornament:

It’s best to use the rubbing alcohol and paper towel to clean the surface of the ornament.  It just makes sure the vinyl will stick the best it can!

After you download the free cut file below, you will want to cut the vinyl out using your Cricut.  Measure your ornament and resize the design if needed.  I was using the 3.94″ ornament.

Santa Grinch Ornament Vinyl Pieces

Then using clear transfer tape you will layer your vinyl.  You can find tips for layering vinyl here.  For this ornament layer the red and white on top of the black and the yellow behind.

Layered Vinyl for Grinch Ornament

Next I found it easier to lay my completed vinyl design right side DOWN and then center my ornament on top of that versus trying to center the vinyl design over the wobbly ornament.

Tips for centering vinyl designs on plastic ornaments

Apply the vinyl and smooth out.  A big tip when working with any concave surface is to cut your clear transfer tape so that you can manipulate your design.  We all know it’s tough to put a flat paper on a round object!

How to apply vinyl designs to round objects

Fill the ornament with the green crinkle paper!  You can also check your dollar store and craft store, they often have this paper filler in the gift wrap section.

Then use a ribbon, twine or piece of string to make a loop for hanging!

Grinch Christmas Ornament


Santa Grinch

Santa Grinch
VERSION 1.0 2130 downloads

This download is for personal use only!


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Grinch Santa Hat Ornament Free SVG Cut File


  1. How cute is this!! The Grinch has always been a Christmas must-have in my family! The classic and the Jim Carrey version both! Thank you so much! I recently moved out on my own and have my first solo Christmas tree. It’s so nice to be able to have a piece of home with me! This is awesome!!

  2. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity in sharing this file. I am so excited to have found it and am so thrilled to make an ornament. I know you are using the crinkle paper but wondering if you have ever done the polycrylic( or Pledge floor cleaner) and glitter method? If not, try it – so much fun – bit more time involved but it’s fun! Thanks again!,

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Sorry you are experiencing difficulties. There is a pop up to download so please make sure your browser is not suppressing the pop-up. That is almost always the problem. It appears to be working fine from my end! Thanks!

  3. Even with cutting the transfer tape my hat still wants to crinkle :( Is is possible I need to size it smaller? Any tips are highly appreciated.

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