In honor of the rhyming genius Dr. Seuss’s Birthday, I bring you my Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites!!  The combo of salty and sweet is perfection and your kids will LOVE eating a green egg!  In all honestly this is a green egg I am on board eating, lol!

Green Eggs and Ham
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Ingredients for Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites:

Green Eggs & Ham Pretzel Bites

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Start out by preheating your oven to 200F.  On a parchment lined baking sheet spread out your pretzels.  Add one white candy melt.  Bake these for 7-8 minutes just until the candy melt becomes soft but does not lose it’s circle shape!
How to make Pretzel Bites

Gently press the green candies into the white chocolate melt and let cool.  Now enjoy your green eggs and ham pretzel bites!

Dr. Suess' Birthday Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites

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