I love handmade ornaments!  I just think they are the best and this DIY Gumball Machine Handmade Ornament does not get any cuter!  It reuses a K-Cup and a clear ornament! So easy and a fun ornament craft to make!

Easy Gumball Machine Ornament

I am always trying to look for ways to reuse things.  It is no secret I am a coffee lover so I have a K-cup or two around the house!  I am so happy to have upcycled an empty, cleaned out K-cup into the perfect little base for this adorable gumball ornament.  A few more craft supplies and your are ready to go!  Let’s get started!

easy diy gumball machine ornament craft

Supplies needed for DIY Gumball Ornament:

  • Empty, clean K-Cup
  • Clear Plastic Ornament (I picked mine up at Dollar Tree, 2 for $1)
  • Red Spray Paint
  • Black Sharpie
  • Small, Multi-colored Pom Poms
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Easy to make DIY gumball machine ornament

First you will take the metal topper off of your clear ornament.  I also removed the string hanger and the little springy wire thing that keeps the top on the ornament.

Ideas on how to use an empty k-cup

Next you will spray paint both the metal topper and the K-cup with red spray paint.

Uses for K-cups

Then you will take your hot glue gun, and use it to glue the ornament ball onto the top of the K-cup.

Fun Ornament Craft
Easy DIY Gumball Machine Ornament

Be sure to center it as much as you can.  It does not need to be perfect though!

Gumball Machine Crafts

Then you will take some multi-colored mini pom poms and put some inside the ornament.  (they are static-y!)  I just tapped the ornament and they eventually all settled.

Replace the metal topper, springy wire thing and the string hanger.

Gumball Machine Ornament

Using a black sharpie, draw on the candy door and a price (optional)

Sharpie Projects

Then you are left with an adorable DIY Gumball Machine Ornament to hang on your tree!  If an adult does the spray painting and the hot gluing part, you can have kids do the rest!

DIY Gumball Machine Ornament Craft

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I also did a quick video for you too!  Just to show you how easy these are!


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DIY Gumball Machine Ornament Project


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