There is something magical about a Mickey Mouse ornament hanging on your tree!  I am showing just how simple it can be with this Easy DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament.  Add a bow and you have a cute Mickey & Minnie set!  These whip up in minutes and also make great gift toppers!

Easy Mickey Mouse Ornament
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Mickey has been my “character” all my life.  I just love him.  I had Mickey sheets, slippers, watch {the won where his hands were the watch hands} cups, plates, toothbrush, you name it..I had it.  Even a Mickey Mouse Bathroom!  It brings me so much happiness that my kids also love Mickey Mouse too!  Decorating your tree in homage to the big guy himself has never been easier with this simple mickey mouse ornament craft!

Supplies Needed for Easy DIY Mickey Mouse Ornaments:

P.S. you can order all of this and do store pick up if you actually want the Target Experience…or just ship it and save your sanity against the crowds!

Start out by removing the ornament cap on your two smaller ornaments.  (The part that is made to look like a metal top)

How to Make Mickey Mouse Ornaments

Next using scissors, carefully cut off the ornament neck.
How to Make a Minnie Mouse Ornament

DIY Mickey Ornament

Add a small amount of hot glue to the newly cut ornament.

DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament

Place the smaller ornament onto a regular ball ornament in the 10 and 2 positions.  Repeat for both ears.

Easy Mickey Ornament

String some ribbon, twine or string through the cap of the center ornament to hang on your tree!

Disney Mickey Mouse Ornament

If you can, make a small bow from some ribbon to hot glue to an ornament to make a Minnie Mouse Ornament.

Disney Minnie Mouse Ornament

This easy DIY Mickey Mouse Ornament is so simple and you can make them in any color you can find two different sizes of ornaments in!  It’s important that you make sure your ornaments are plastic though.  This will not work with glass or other breakable ornaments.

How to Make Mickey & Minnie Ornaments

You could also make these with clear larger ornaments and add your own color and vinyl like my friend Heidi did with these Disney Inspired Ornaments!

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Make your own Mickey & Minnie Ornaments from plastic ball ornaments!