If you love monograms you will love my collection of 30 of the best free monogram fonts!  So many to choose from, single letter with design monograms, interlocking monograms, block monograms, circle monograms and more!  All free!

Examples of some of the 30 Free Monogram Fonts to download
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Monograms are all the rage these days!  There are rules to monograms about how they should look for children versus adult and married versus unmarried people but currently most just use the monograms to personalize their belongings!

Whether that be a monogrammed wine glass or monogrammed yeti cup to monogrammed apparel or monogrammed hats these fonts are for you!

You can check out my post on How to Create a Monogram in Design Space here.  You can carry this method over to almost all design programs!

What is a monogram?

A monogram is normally 2 or more letters that typically represent a person’s initials.   You can see single letter monograms, representing a family name.  For weddings, you will notice couples using the first initials of both of their names along with the new surname initial.  This idea combines the two sets of initials to create a new one (like marriage!)

What is the difference between Initials and a Monogram?

A monogram is differentiated from initials by the order the letters appear.

Initials are the first letters of one’s name in the order the name is read.  For instance, my initials are CLS.  Cheryl L. Spangenberg.  Initials are normally written in the same size.

Monograms appear in the order of First Initial, Last Initial, Middle Initial.  So my monogram would be CSL.   Monograms are normally written with the last name initial larger than the first and middle initials.

Example of order of initials versus a monogram

What are the different types of Monograms?

Scripty and Interlocking Monograms

These are normally with detailed script fonts.

Interlocking Monograms are where the swooshes of the letters interlock with each other.

They can also “kiss”, where they touch but don’t fully interlock.

Three examples of scripty and interlocking monograms

Circle Monograms

This type has the letters that resemble the shape of a circle.  They may or may not have an actual circle border or background.

Sometimes the border can be decorative with arrows, vines, flowers, etc.

4 examples of circle monogram fonts

Block Monograms

These monograms either use block style fonts or they stack to make the shape of a block.  They may or may not have a square border.

You can easily manipulate the nubmer of initials in your monogram with this style.

Examples of Block monograms

Single Letter Monograms

These can be blocked font or script font, with or without decorations.

4 Examples of Single Monograms in different types of free monogram fonts

The Best Free Monogram Fonts

Free Circle Monogram Fonts

Free Script Monogram Fonts

Free Shaped Monogram Fonts

Free Block Monogram Fonts

Free Decorative Monogram Fonts

These are great for Single Monograms!

That was over 25 free monogram fonts for you but I HAVE to share some of my favorite paid fonts as well.  I know, I know…free is awesome but sometimes it’s worth paying for!

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Cheryl’s Favorite Seasonal Monogram Fonts and Files:

Cheryl’s Favorite Circle Monogram Fonts

Cheryl’s Favorite Scripty Monogram Fonts

Cheryl’s Favorite Decorative Monogram Fonts

Cheryl’s Favorite Block Style Monogram Fonts

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Download the BEST 30 FREE Monogram fonts and get your monogram on! Find out how to download and how to design your own monograms!

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