I am super excited to kick off some great Halloween Fun with you all by sharing these 20 Free Halloween Fonts with you!  Did you know that you can download these and they will work right in a Microsoft Word document?!?  You don’t need to have Photoshop or any other fancy digital design software to use these fun fonts!

Font Button

What can you use these fonts for you ask?  Well you can use them on Halloween Party Invitations.  Or use any of them for name tags for your child’s class at their Halloween Party.  You can print on envelopes in the fun fonts if you send Halloween cards or care packages to loved ones.  You could jazz up your email signature with these!  Create some seasonal return address labels using your favorite Halloween Font!  You can also create fun printables with them as well!  (psssst….stay tuned because I will be posting a new one very soon!)

Halloween Free Fonts

All of the fonts listed above can be downloaded for FREE!  We all love FREE right?!?  Click on each name below and you will be taken to the site to download.

Biker Bones | Ghoulish | Casper | Along Came A Spider | Poultrygeist 

Ghoulish Fright | Pumpkin Face | Serpants | Ghoul | Spinstee 

Night Bird | Startling Font | Cast Iron | Bosshole | Midnight | Face Your Fears

Nightmare | Earthshaker | Halloween Spider | For the One Hundredth Time

Need to know how to download a font?!?  Let me help!

  1. Click on the font above that you want to download…let’s take Pumpkin Face for example!  It will open a webpage and you will need to click on the Download Button beneath the fontOpen Downloadable Font
  2. Next you will select “Open With” and then Click “OK”Click Download Button

  3. That will open the font file.  Once open you will have several items in the file folder.  You want to select the TrueType font file and double click it!Open File

  4. Once that opens, simply click “Install” and your download will begin.  It will not take much time at all.  then you can close out the windows.  If you have Word open on your desktop, you will need to restart in order to load the fonts you just downloaded.Install

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