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22 Free Holiday Fonts

Today I am sharing 22 Free Holiday Fonts!  These fonts are super easy to download and use on invitations, holiday cards, printables, gift tags, handmade goods labels, newsletters and more!

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25 Days of Christmas Banner Day 3


20 Free Holiday Fonts

Candy Cane | Frosty | Krystal | Happy Days | Christmas Lights |Igloo Caps
SnowHouse | Christmas | St. Nicholas | Weehah | Greetings | Snowflake Letters
Ornamental Versals | Santa’s Sleigh | Ice Caps | Christmas Card | Snow Blind |
Mikie’s Christmas List | One Starry Night | Kingsthings Christmas
Cocktail Bubbly | Let it Snow

Click on the name of the font above and download!  If you need step by step instructions on how to download fonts, please see my previous post on how to download fonts to your computer.  You can also see all my FREE FONTS HERE!  

So tell me…which is your favorite???

22 Free Holiday Fonts at

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  1. You’re kidding, right? Pick a favorite? sheesh. Be easier to pick one I didn’t like! …….. Uh, no it wouldn’t.

    Thanks, kiddo! These are great! Oh! A lot like you, huh?

  2. I know this may sound silly but I`ve downloaded some of the fonts and and when I open up the folder it just shows a page I can print. My question is…How do i use them?

    1. Hi Shelly!
      Make sure you are clicking the name of the font you want to download below the graphic and not the graphic itself. Also be sure when you are downloading you chosee the true type font file and not the text file! There is also a link in the post that directs you back to my last font post that gives you exact photos of the download steps! Let me know if you have any further issues!

  3. Shelly, you’re clicking on the sample of the font that she’s showing. Go below that picture and click on the NAME of the font. From there you can open and download to put the font onto your computer.

  4. Thanks for these awesome fonts! I downloaded several, and I’m pinning, too! Now, if only there was a way to save fonts in categories. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m visiting from

    1. Thanks Kristen! That’s one of my favorites too! I used it for the individual day banners for my 25 days of Christmas series! Thanks so much for stopping by and for leaving a comment!

  5. i was wondering if there was a folder with ALL the fonts included in it. That way i wouldn’t have to download them one at a time, because I LOVE ALL OF EM!!!

  6. LOVE THESE!!! I shared this site with one of my friends too, we make fliers all the time and these are going to be great for our designs!!

  7. Thank you! I chose 5 of these to download because I like them; and I already have the others!!! :D I love fonts, don’t you? :)

  8. Thank you for the links. Could you please tell me what font you used for the Holiday Happenings Link button above? I love it!!

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