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How To Easily Remove Labels

No harsh chemicals! Use ingredients in your pantry!

Are you ready to have your socks rocked off?  I am not even kidding.  I have the magic ingredients on How to Easily Remove Labels from jars and containers without leaving that annoying adhesive residue behind!  Hands down this is the best way to remove labels and I have tried them all!

The Best Way to Remove Labels from Jars! Sharing my secret ingredients!
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If you are like me you are always thinking “I could use that for something!” when I empty out a jar.  (or peanut butter container!)  And I do use them.  In my craft room to store all my little supplies!  I simply spray paint all the lids and voila…I have cute jars for next to nothing compared to the ones sold in the craft stores!

That glue on jar labels drives me nuts! I can peel the paper layer off and then I am left with this: Yucky, sticky glue residue.

The best way to remove labels and this sticky goo.

Well not any more my friends!!

What you Need to Easily Remove Labels:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vegetable Oil

That’s it!!  Mix equal parts of the two to form a runny paste.

All Natural Goo Gone Recipe! Easily remove labels using what's in your pantry.

Once I remove the paper part of the label, I mixed up my magic paste.  I apply a thick layer of it to the jar and smear it all over the gluey sticky part.

The BEST way to remove labels using no chemicals at all!

I let it sit on there about 10 minutes or so.  That number is not exact.  I slapped it on the jar and then got distracted a few times with the kids and remembered to come back to it as I passed by.  I took a paper towel and then wiped away the paste from the jar.  All the adhesive that was left on the jar was now wiping away with my paste mixture!  I gave the jar a good wash with soap to get rid of the oil residue and I was left with this crystal clear jar!  Hands down this is the best way to remove labels that I have found using no harmful chemicals.

The Best Way to remove labels and get crystal clear jars!

best way to remove labels

I am going to start using this method to easily remove labels every time I need to remove labels for my Decorated Soap Dispensers and if I ever need to make a chalkbaord labled bottle or any more of my wine bottle luminaries I will remove labels with ease!  I wish I had this back when I was still using vinegar to get the gunk off!  This method doesn’t make my house smell like we are dying Easter Eggs :)

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How to Easily Remove Labels from Jars, Bottles, almost anything with what you have in your pantry!

This would also be perfect to remove labels from some Mason Jars and make a set of my DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids!
DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid

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  1. I hope this works on plastic. I’ve needed it recently but couldn’t get the label off so just threw the bottle away.

  2. Or you can use rubbing alcohol which removes adhesive residue immediately.
    You can also purchase the prepackaged alcohol wipes to keep handy (they’re inexpensive).

    WD-40 also works, but imo, requires more cleanup.

  3. Girls, after you spray paint the lids, try brushing on one coat of acrylic varnish. Two or three coats is even better. Let dry about 20 mins in between coats, then let sit for about 24 hrs to fully cure the varnish. This will make them more scratch-proof, etc. and the newly painted lids will hold up better.

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  5. Oh, my Goodness!! I’ve found your post a couple of hours ago and I had to give it a try… I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! It works GREAT!!! I had so many sticky jars laying around waiting for the day I’d discover a way to clean them… Not any more!! They are spotless now!!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! IT’S UNBELIEVABLE!! And SO easy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Have a great day!!


  6. Thank you so much for this valuable tip… I have been struggling for years trying to remove those pesky labels from all of my prescription bottles. Like you, I just know I can find a good use for them in my craft studio, but after soaking the paper labels off, the remaining sticky glue is impossible to remove. I can’t wait to give this a try. Again, thank you

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  8. THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS!! I was just yesterday trying to remove glue sticker from a pencil much and it drives me crazy! I hate to use Goo be gone cuz it’s strong odor and strength. THANK U!! I just love your blog!! XO

  9. Prior to Goo Gone being on the market, my late mother taught me to use lighter fluid. She was a smoker, and had it on hand to refill her Zippo! But I tend to migraines and the smell can send me into one. (And Goo Gone is even worse, as it doesn’t evaporate like lighter fluid.)Not to mention the obvious flammability. Excited to try this. It makes sense…

  10. Oh! and I just thought of something else to add. Why not use a small one of those jars that you have cleaned, and keep some premixed paste on hand!

  11. Just gotta ‘PIN’ this… crafters everywhere will just luv,luv,luv you for this tip. And all of the possible solutions supplied by your reader’s, is definitely ‘icing on the cake’. Thanx ever so much… 8o)

  12. Wow, this is the easiest, practically no-effort removal of that sticky residue! I was shocked how easily it came off! Thank you!!!

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