If you read my Instant Pot Tips for Beginners, I mentioned that I have some Must Have Instant Pot Accessories!  Here they are.  I have divided them up and will add to this post as I discover new things!  I am a big fan of less is more but I did add in some options for people because I also really like options!

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Different Instant Pots

There are more than this but I mean let’s not get overwhelmed, right?  Here are the most common and HERE is a great post on comparing all the different versions to find the right one for you!  We are a family of 5 and I own the IP-DUO60 and it has been working perfectly for us and that’s what I will use in my posts!

 IP-DUO60 – 6 quart capacity
IP-DUO80 – 8 quart capacity
7 functions
High and Low Pressure Option
 IP-LUX60 – 6 quart capacity
10 functions
High Pressure Option only
will NOT make Yogurt
14 functions
High and Low Pressure
Auto Keep Warm
3 Temps for saute, slow cooke and keep-warm
Can be controlled with app


Instant Pot Accessories

Instant Pot Basics

Extra Inner PotGlass Lid*Extra Sealing Rings
 Instant Pot Trivet Flat Bottom Wooden Spoon Long Handled Tongs

Extra Inner Pot is pretty self explanatory.  It’s nice if you plan to use the silicone lid and use the pot for serving and also want to use your IP again for another food item.

Glass Lid – Before you buy this, I HIGHLY recommend checking the lids you already own.  If you have an 8 inch pot, chances are you have a lid that would work just as well as this one and you didn’t have for fork out any more of you hard earned dollars!   If not and you want to use your pot for popcorn or to simmer sauces, this is nice to have.

Extra Sealing Rings – Eventually you will need to replace this or if your ring picked up a scent of a food.  Some people like to use one for savory, one for spicy and one for sweet.  I am still on my original and have had ZERO problems with mine picking up any sort of scent.

Trivet – This is helpful for pot in pot (below) Imagine throwing in frozen sausage links, then using the trivet to
hold the Masala Dabba pan below full of individual egg fritattas for a fast breakfast! The Trivet allows you to elevate another pan over some food or to keep things out of the water.

Flat Bottom Wooden Spoon – This is AMAZING for deglazing the bottom of your pot (also helps with cleaning it as well) The pot is not totally flat on the bottom, it rises just ever so slightly in the center so this is nice to be able to scrap all the way to the “corners” of the bowl!

My Favorite Pot In Pot Pans (PIP)

You can use most pots that are oven safe, including silicone forms and molds.  Be sure they fit and that you can easily get them in and out.

Fat Daddio’s Ring PanFat Daddio’s Aluminum Round Pan
(removable bottom)
Fat Daddio’s Loaf Pan Set 
 Stacking Pans Masala Dabba Veggie Steamer

The Fat Daddio’s pans are great for breads, meatloaf, cheesecake and so much more.  You can also stack them on a raiser to separate foods.

The Stacking pans say they are for desserts in their description but I love to use these say if I want to cook chicken with a sauce and then make rice at the same time.  This keeps the 2 foods separated yet able to be cooked simultaneously.

The silicone steamer is great for veggies to keep them off the water bath below as well as I use this for basket also for hard boiling eggs. You can lift all your eggs out of your IP and directly into an ice bath in one swoop!  It’s a bonus that it comes with those handy finger mitts!  Those are helpful to remove the pans as well as hold the IP Inner pot if you have to mix or stir (because it is freestanding)


Instant Pot Accessories - What you need and what you don't.