I’d love for you to see how easy it is to make these adorable mason jar straw lids in a matter of minutes!  These will be great all summer long and are perfect for picnics to keep those pesky bugs out of your beverages!!

I just have to say that this post is dedicated to my sweet friend Jessica at Mom 4 Real.  Jessica loves her mason jar drinks and accessories so this tutorial is for Jess.  Not that she needs my tutorial…she is fully capable of making her own, but because I can’t drink out of a mason jar, or use a mason jar, or think about a mason jar (and accessories) without thinking of Jess, it is dedicated to her!!

Mason Jar Straw Lids Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid.net

Supplies needed:

  • Mason Jar lids
  • 5/16 Rubber Grommets
  • Power Drill with 3/8” drill bit
  • Fun Straws
  • Scrap piece of wood to drill into

This could not be easier! (I did 4 and found the best way to get smooth edges on your drilled hole is use a scrap piece of wood behind it.)  Put your lid on your scrap piece of wood and drill down slowly until you are all the way through.  I offset my straw hole to one side (not centered) just by choice.

drilling mason jar lids for straws

If you happen to get a sharp edge, then just trim with some metal snips.

Snip Access Metal from drilled hole

Carefully slip your rubber grommet through the hole.

Mason Jar Straw Lids at thatswhatchesaid.net

Insert lid back on jar and put a straw in it!  Told you it was easy!

DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids at thatswhatchesaid.net

The grommets are not food grade but they really don’t come in contact with the beverage at all so I am ok with that.  Here is what the bag looks like and I found them in the small drawers in the nuts/bolts/screws aisle at The Home Depot.  They were in the grommets section.

Rubber Grommet Collage

If you want to decorate them up for a party you can also see my chalkboard labels that I did for our Mickey Mouse Birthday party.  In my shop I sell the Mickey Mouse Chalkboard labels along with Sesame Street tags, ovals and rectangles.

Happy Sipping Friends!

 I’m thinking of mixing up a batch of my White Peach Sangria or my Copy Cat Lime-A-Rita to put in these cuties!  Even my Cucumber, Lemon & Mint Detox Water or my Tropical Green Smoothie would be fabulous!    What would you put in yours???

DIY Mason Jar Straw Lids Tutorial at thatswhatchesaid
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