This Easy Spider Halloween Treat Bowl could not be…well…easier!  A plastic bowl + googly eyes + straws + hot glue will get you a super fun way to serve Halloween treats at your next party, get together or just for your kids after school!  See how easy these are to make!

Spider bowls made from plastic bowls and straws filled with popcorn
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Last year I made these spider treat cups and they were such a hit I wanted to make them on a larger scale! You don’t even need to have a party to make these!  My kids think they are the best to use for an after school treat!

Supplies for Spider Halloween Treat Bowls:

Supplies to Make Spider Treat bowls: Plastic Bowls, Straws, hot glue, googly eyes

How to Make Easy Spider Treat Bowls:

I trimmed 8 straws down so that they looked like reasonable spider legs.  After you trim to size, snip the end (away from the bendy part) at an angle.

Snip straw at an angle to fit the curve of your plastic bowl

Trim at an angle similar to your plastic bowl.

Visual of snipped straw fitting up against the angle of a bowl

Then I used my hot glue gun to adhere the straws to the bowl. I found it easiest to flip the bowl over and then glue the legs on.

Showing hot glued straws onto plastic bowl as spider legs

When the hot glue is dry, flip the bowl over and bend the straws to create legs.  These aren’t for support in any way so don’t worry if they don’t touch the table surface.

Finished Spider Treat Bowl

Last, I added the googly eyes to the rim of the plastic bowl!  Fill with your favorite treat and enjoy!  So easy right?

Spider treat bowls filled with popcorn. A quick and easy Halloween Craft

What Can I use Spider Treat Bowls For?

  • Spooky Halloween Breakfast – perfect cereal bowl
  • Fun treats at a party!  Think cheese balls, goldfish crackers, Chex mix and puppy chow!
  • Candy!  <–I mean it is Halloween!
  • Catch all.  Perfect for keys and sunglasses during the Halloween Season!
  • Crafts.  Crafting with a group?  Dump your supplies into these cute bowls for easy access!

Two Finished Spider Halloween Treat Bowl made from plastic bowls and straws

More Halloween Crafts

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I am also pretty fond of these spider web martini glasses!


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Halloween Spider Treat Bowl