This Spider Web Wreath is a fun spin on a classic wreath!   It is both creepy and crawly and super fun and festive!  Using a frame instead of the regular circle wreath gives it a bit of uniqueness!

Funky Spiderweb Wreath at

Supplies Needed for Spider Web Wreath:

  • Black Picture Frame with glass and backing removed
  • Black Yarn
  • Hot Glue Gun/Hot Glue Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Fake Spider
  • Orange Ribbon

First start out with your frame and yarn.

Spider Web Wreath

Next you are going to hot glue taut pieces of yarn in the below pattern.  First make a plus sign and then follow with an X.

Spiderweb Wreath 1

Then tie the end of your yarn in a knot in the center where all the strings meet up.

Spiderweb Wreath 2

Extend outward an 1/2″ or so and loop around the string and then follow to the next string. Repeat. Loop around and go to the next string, keeping equal distance. Once you make a full circle around, move up another 1/2″ or so and repeat until your web is complete.

Spiderweb Wreath 3
Hot glue your fake spider on as well as an orange bow at the top…you know because orange bow’s make things less scary! {wink}

Spiderweb Wreath at

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