Today I am sharing my super cute Fingerprint Snowman Ornament!  Made from the cutest little fingers!


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OMG I have been waiting to share this little project with you for a few days.  I wanted to get some pictures of it on my Christmas Tree.  Well….we put up the “pre-lit” tree this evening and only one small part of one of the several strings of lights were working!  :(  So no tree pictures.  But I couldn’t wait to share!  So I just snapped a picture of it hung on some lit garland I have hanging up!  It works, just use your imagination!


I originally was inspired by the ladies at Eighteen25.  They made some cute ones last year on small canvases!

I thought I’d take it one step further because I really, really wanted to use some of that fake snow!

Items Needed:

  • Clear Glass or Plastic Ornaments
  • Paint (White, Black, Orange for sure, any other colors optional)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Ribbon
  • Toothpicks
  • Fake Styrofoam Snow

I chose to go with the flat glass ornaments because I am mailing them.  I thought I’d have a better chance to find a box to fit the flat ones!


Start off by finding a little set of fingers!  Michael helped me out!  Paint only their fingers (the whole finger, not the finger tip or the palm of their hand) with White Paint.  I used Ms. Stewart’s new line.  I {heart} it.  It’s thick and covers really well and can be used on ANY surface.  You know how I love multi-tasking, multi-purpose things!

Gently have your helper place their fingers onto the ornament as if they are grabbing it from you.  You will be left with something like this:


and someone like this:


Hehe!  Once those dry, I decorated them.  I had an assortment of colors however you only really need Black and Orange (in addition to your white for the snowman bodies).  I wanted to add a bit more color!


We’ll start from the top and work down!  For Freddy, I added the traditional black top hat.  For my little snowman, I added ear muffs and a scarf.  For the boys’, I added stocking hats!  Next I used a toothpick and made the small dots of “coal” for the eyes and mouth.  I also used a toothpick for the orange carrot noses.  Trick:  Place a dot of orange paint in the center of the face area with the toothpick and then just use the tip of the toothpick to drag it out to a point.  It gives the nose a great real 3D carrot look!  Then I added some buttons also using the toothpick.


After these dried, I used a scrap piece of paper to make a small funnel and added the fake styrofoam snow.


Trick: DON’T use a plastic kitchen funnel. The styrofoam just static clings to the funnel instead of funneling out into your ornament. Paper worked MUCH better!

Next I tied a red ribbon around the neck of the ornament and a green one for the hook.  This is option however it added a good pop of color!


I like to date ornaments so I know what year they are from so I added a 2011 on the back!


These are GREAT for grandparent gifts from your little ones.  Oh and they are SUPER CUTE!!!  Winking smile

Disclaimer:  In no was was I compensated for mentioning Martha Stewart’s new line of paints.  Not by MS herself or by Plaid Enterprises.  I really just like it.  A lot.  So I just use it.

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