I’d like to introduce you to Spangenbaby

I’d like to formally introduce you to Spangenbaby!


It’s the middle of the night and I am awake feeding this little miracle in my arms.  I am tired.  Very tired, however I don’t mind it one bit.  The middle of the night is when he and I can just be together.  No older brothers fighting for kisses.  No wet dog noses to check and make sure all is well with his baby.  No daddy to share this little guy with.  No TV, no visitors, no interruptions.  Just he and I and quiet silence except for tiny squeaks and breaths as he nurses.  I rub my thumb on his cheek and he peeks an eye open at me to say hello.  He slowly drifts back into his milk coma peacefully.

Spangenbaby Tired

I spend extra time after he eats burping him.  Not only to get him to sleep better but I love when I put him over my shoulder.  He throws up his arms up around my neck as if he is hugging me back.  I savor this feeling of his little arms thrown over my shoulder.  I sit and pat his back with my cheek against his.  It’s so soft.  I nuzzle my nose in the crook of his neck and take deep breaths of that glorious baby smell.  How I wish I could bottle that smell up.  I can hear is breaths in my ear and he makes coos and grunts to let me know he doesn’t like to be burped :)  His little head of super fine hair is so soft and I just sit and rub it in my hand, softly kissing his squishy, squishy, squishy cheeks!


I often fall asleep like this.  He and I just snuggling and being together.  It’s certainly not the most restful sleep.  OK so it’s not restful for me at all but I do it over and over and over because soon he will be sleeping through the night and our quiet, middle of the night time together will be gone.  I have the rest of my life to sleep so I don’t mind much.

Free Kid's Activity Printable at thatswhatchesaid.net

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt | Free Printable

If you love to be outside as much as we do, I have a simple, FUN, little activity to do with your kids…or better yet print this out and send them out to do it while you enjoy some iced tea in fun mason jars :)  My Outdoor Scavenger Hunt FREE Printable is fun for all ages!

Free Kid's Activity Printable at thatswhatchesaid.net

Who is happy for nicer weather!  I know, I know…I keep talking about it but seriously…it seemed like winter was going to last ALL. YEAR. LONG. here.  I was majorly needing some sunshine and warmer temperatures to boost my spirit!  There’s nothing like being nauseous for 3 months and then being told your rear end is huge by your three year old to get you into a winter funk.  So happy the sunshine and natural Vitamin D has come to the rescue!

We are outside a lot.  I mean really…I did build a Pergola after all!  We love to be outside and my kids do too and before I start complaining about it being TOO HOT here in the midwest…we are fully taking advantage of this beautiful weather!  The kids love to ride their bikes and scooters and they LOVE to take walks each night when Daddy walks Murphy.

Bike Ride

While we walk I like to help the kids be aware of all the awesome things in the world around them.  Since we are outdoors…my Outdoor Scaveger hunt was born.  The boys love finding the items, checking them off and answering the questions!  I am sharing this free printable download so you too can have your own scavenger hunt!  You will be surprised at how much you can actually talk about with them just using this simple sheet as a starting point.  Different conversations each day as well!  I love it!

Scooter Ride

Soon we will be get to push a new baby around on our walks and Ryan is SO EXCITED to put on his “Big Brother Hat” and “teach” the baby all about things on our walks!  I love it!


From the Mouth of Babes…Honesty from a 3 Year Old

It never is so honest as it is from the mouth of babes…Honesty from a 3 year old!

I’m standing in my bathroom getting ready to hop into the shower.  As always, I have a spectator.  Nope, not my husband, but the smallest person.  Every mom knows exactly what I am talking about:  you pee with an audience, you shower with an audience and when you think no one is watching you sneak that cookie…well be damned you have an audience!  With #3 on the way I fully acknowledge this situation and actually don’t think too much about it until the other day…

Honesty from a 3 year old

I opened the shower door to get the water started.  There is a little person (pictured above) sitting on my bed.  My bathroom door is open and he is singing me a silly song…and this is the conversation that follows:

Ryan:  Wow Mom, your belly is getting bigger!

Me:  It is!  Why is my belly getting bigger?

Ryan:  Because there is a baby in there!

Me:  That’s right!  Baby brother is in there growing bigger!

{silence…I think I am off the hook}

It’s A….

  BOY!   That’s right!  You heard me!  Spangenbaby #3 is a boy!  If you are keeping track, that’s THREE boys!  One, two THREE!  I thought my house was loud now…I can only imagine the craziness it will become when there are three little boys running around! It will also be filled with imagination, make…

Big News for the New Year…

Happy Thursday friends.  We are on snow day #4.  Yes you read that correctly…NUMBER FOUR.  After a 2 week Christmas break already!  Lots of snow and ice are keeping us homebound and so we are going a wee bit crazy in here!  I also have a bit of work to do and it’s extremely hard when you can’t get out to get supplies and/or you have to spend your day refereeing two little boys who have had enough of one another!  But as always…this too shall pass…right?

On to the news…it’s big news.  Really big…I’ll let the boys (who took a few minutes from fighting with each other to pose for a few pictures for me) tell you the news!  It’s cuter from them anyway!

help wanted



Superhero Capes for Super Buddies Movie Release!

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Disney.  All opinions, projects and photographs are 100% my own.  You may read my full disclosure here.

Are you ready for an epic tail?  Yes TAIL!  Disney Super Buddies movie came out on Blu-ray Combo pack August 27th, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy before that.  My boys LOVED it (and so did I!)  Such a fun movie with a great message!  It’s funny and a great movie for the whole family!

In honor of these super pups, we decided that my boys needed some superhero capes to wear while they watched the movie!  As you all know I am not a sewist.  (sewer sounds stinky!)  So if I can make these…YOU can make these for your little super heroes!

Superhero Cape tutorial at thatswhatchesaid

Supplies needed:

  • 2 yards of fabric (1 yard each of two coordinating colors)
  • 2 pieces of felt (1 of each coordinating color)
  • Thread to match both fabrics
  • Velcro
  • Sewing Machine and basic sewing supplies

I started out by cutting my fabric.  I used one of my boys t-shirts as a guide for the neck curve and I added 6 inches to each side for the collar.  I then angled the bottom down 30 inches.  Here is a sketch of my template.

Cape Template

Fold your fabric in half and use the template to cut out of both fabrics.


Next you will need to cut out your letter of either the opposite fabric or a felt piece.  Pin in Place and sew outline with zig zag stitch to the right side of the opposite colored fabric.

GoodNites Make Traveling Great Nights!

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and GoodNites, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BetterNights http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO.”

I just want to share a little story with you all.

We are driving with the kids the 11+ hours it takes to get to Minnesota to our brother and sister-in-law’s house.  We leave late afternoon so that my husband could finish some work things in the morning.  I have the second leg of the trip (or course after the kids pass out and it’s quiet enough to actually sleep…I have to drive now!)  We get to their house at about 2 am.  I’m tired and I just want to go to sleep.

We haul the kids in the house as quiet as we can to not awake my in-laws and to keep the kids as sleeping as we can.  I get to share a bed with Ryan and I finally get him settled and lay my head down and pass out almost immediately.  I am dreaming…I am dreaming I am wet.  What?  I wake up…I am in fact wet…with Ryan’s PEE!  His diaper leaked…everywhere!

I am so tired that it actually, painfully HURTS to wake up and my first thought is the mattress!  I know my sister in law doesn’t  have a mattress cover on it (at least not a waterproof one like we do!) so I bounce up, whip Ryan off the bed and start stripping the sheets immediately trying to minimize the saturation.  Ryan is pissed at me for so many things at this point.  Making him sit in a car for 11+ hours, the fact that he’s wet covered in his own pee, the fact I just startled him awake and the fact that I just whipped him off the bed and turned on the light….and now I am attending to the mattress…and not him!

I’m in someone else’s house so I am quietly rummaging through the hall closet for sheets…I come up dry.  Only towels.  So towels it is!  I grab some and use one to try to adsorb some of the wetness from the mattress.  In my own luck, he had rolled over on his favorite blanket and it adsorbed most of the pee!  (thankfully!)  I threw down some towels on a sheet-less bed, changed Ryan, diapers and jammies, and then put him back up there (without his favorite blankie!), changed myself and then tried to go back to sleep.

Well that never happened.  I was so worried that he was going to pee through his diaper again that I barely slept a wink that night!  I vowed never again to travel again!

True Story.

Both my boys were/are really wet sleepers.  I swear they hold it in until they finally reach REM sleep and are relaxed enough to let it go!  We can sit on the potty for 45 minutes before bed time, we can cut drinks all together after dinner and we still have two boys who would pee like mad men in the middle of the night.  I think they stored it in their ears!  No matter what we try…they are just heavy night time wetters.  Michael learned eventually and I know Ryan will as well, but until then…it seems there is no light at the end of the tunnel!  Especially when traveling and out of the comfort of your own home.


Thanks to GoodNites Disposable Bed Mats…we are traveling again! I will never go anywhere overnight without them.  They give me piece of mind.  I know that I won’t have to dig through someone else’s closet at 3 am or wake up covered in a child’s pee or ruin someone else’s mattress!

The Pergola Project: Pergola Shopping List

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with The Home Depot and receive product to enhance our backyard, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I am building a Pergola!  Yes…Me!  I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Earlier I shared my planning process so if you missed that, hop over and catch up!

Now that I have everything planned, I get to go shopping and make sure everything is prepped!  
You can also print off my pergola shopping list!

I told you in my last post that my shopping trip included hugging, eye rolling and total freaking out. Let me paint a little picture for you about my shopping experience at The Home Depot. {Don’t worry…read on…}

Prelude:  My husband has been out of town forever…{yes forever}, so that reads: I am tired and haven’t thought in peace for about forever {yes forever}. My dad agrees to meet me at The Home Depot on a Saturday morning to help corral the kids while I shop and to help me get everything I need and load it in the truck with me.  {greatly appreciated}

Photo May 18, 1 10 25 PMJust remember how cute their faces are as you read below :)

We get to The Home Depot…on a Saturday morning and it’s buzzing with fellow DIY’ers ready to tackle their projects.  There are orange carts and flatbeds flying around in a busy scurry. You can hear the beeping of the fork lifts and cherry pickers.  I lectured my kids the whole 10 minutes it took me to drive there.  “Stay by me. No running around. Sit on the cart quietly.  Don’t ask 1000 questions, Don’t touch anything, Sit quietly.  Follow directions.  FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS PURE SIT QUIETLY. Just let Mommy get what she needs for her pergola and let me actually “think” in peace!”  They were good and sat on the cart for about 2.7 minutes.