In my packing fun we have going on here I find myself running across moving furniture, cleaning out behind shelves, beds and dressers, and sorting drawers to discover pieces to games and toys that I have already packed.  As much as I’d like to think I stay on top of keeping my kids toys and games in order, it never fails parts get left out.

I wanted to create a fun way to collect all these missing toys so that when we unpack they can all find their home again.  This was so easy.  It was one of the first vinyl projects I did with my new Cameo to get the hang of things.

I found these great bins at my local Dollar Store and then just added the vinyl words to the bin!

Now there is a designated spot to put missing or lost parts and also a place to find them again!  Michael even knows what to do now when he finds something and I have discovered him riffling through it looking for  a missing part!

This bin will stay around our house even after the move.  I always end up with a pile of small parts on my counters from games and toys and then these eventually get shoved in a bag of crap when I have to hurry and clean for some event and then they are never to be found again…now they can be found again!

UPDATE:  If you are looking for your own Lost Parts Bin Vinyl…I have added this to my SHOP!  I have many colors available and you can apply it to a bin you already have or one you picked up that will work perfect for your home!

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