How to Use a Kreg Jig to Make Simple Book Ledges

Repeat after me, “I can build things!”.  You can!  I am going to show you how!  Specifically I am going to show you how to use a Kreg Jig to make these awesome book ledges.  These ledges can be used for so much more than just books!  Frames, small jars of crafts, mugs, keepsakes…the list goes on!

I am currently 29 weeks pregnant.  With the upcoming arrival of another person living in our house we are play “Room Switcheroo” and “Try to get all the things done around the house before the baby comes!”  Fun times.  So Ryan is moving into Michael’s room so that the new baby boy can move into Ryan’s old room.  We added bunk beds to Michael’s room and ran into the issue of no night stands.  My boys LOVE to read.  They read themselves to sleep at night and I love that.  So my solution was to make them each a simple book ledge that we could put at the foot of the bed to hold a few of their favorite books!  I couldn’t find any that I liked in stores….so I made some…and you can too!

Supplies Needed for Book Ledges:

Note:  I have lots of steps because I like lots of pictures!  Don’t think this project is difficult because of that – I just like to explain everything and SHOW everything!  Just think I am crazy with the camera :)

Also Note:  You can make these to whatever length you need!  Just measure twice and cut once!

I started off by using my Ryobi Compound Miter Saw to cut each of the boards in half.  This will give me (2) 18” book shelves.  If you ask the kind folks at Home Depot, they will cut the boards to size for you, so you don’t have to have a miter saw!  Great right?   Then I got out my Kreg Jig.  I am going to show you how to use the Kreg for this project.

My Kreg Kit contains the R3 Kreg Jig, a driver bit, a drill bit, an allen wrench and a slip nut.  It also comes with tons of screw packs and pocket hole plugs and an instruction manual in a convenient case that keeps everything TOGETHER….stuff miraculously WALKS AWAY at my house so the case is nice! {Ahem…Michael & Ryan!)

How to use a Kreg Jig to make DIY Book Ledges at

Next I set the slip nut to the appropriate depth of my boards I am using.  This measurement is the width of your board.  Since I have half inch boards, I set it to half inch.  The case has everything you need to get a job done!

Simple Classic Christmas Mantel

Today I thought I’d share my Simple Classic Christmas Mantel today!  As much as I want to be a “fun color” girl…when it comes to the holidays I really gear towards more classic colors!  Red and Green.  Gold and Silver.  My mantel this year is things that I already had on hand.  The only new addition is I added my Burlap Fringed Christmas Trees.

Holiday Mantle 1

 Day 20 of 25 Days of Christmas Series at

Some simple garland that I wrapped in white Christmas lights hangs right below my mantel.  I love the ambiance that white lights create, especially at night!  I also reused this giant mirror that I had sitting against the wall in my bedroom.  Mirrors do a great job of reflecting the light from the garland as well as it picks up my Christmas Tree lights too!

Holiday Mantle 2

On the left I have a large vase with some berry sprigs.  I picked up that vase as a housewarming gift to myself when I bought my first house out of college!  :)  I picked up the berry sprigs on clearance after my first Christmas in that house!  I also have the DIY Christmas Trees from Plastic Spoons that I made for the series last year!


Witch Parking Porch Display

It’s that time again!  The Monthly Crafter’s Blog Hop and this month we are crafting up some Bewitching Ideas for Halloween!  Check out some Ah-Mazing projects (Man I have some talented friends!) and get a tutorial on how to make A Witch Parking Porch Display for your yard or front porch!

Supplies Needed for Witch Parking Porch Display:

  • 1 Pool Noodle cut in half to make 2 pieces
  • 1 dowel rod cut in half or sticks that can fit inside the pool noodle center
  • 1 pair of girls Halloween Tights
  • 1 pair of old black shoes (thrift store ones work perfect)
  • Potted Mum or other Fall flower (pansies work great too)
  • Witch’s Broom, Pumpkin, Hay Bale (optional)
  • Chalkboard or sign

I started off by cutting the dowel rod and pool noodle in half.  (A bread knife cuts the noodle like butter!)  I would say my dowel was about 1/2 inch.  You want it to be larger enough to support your witch legs but small enough to easily fit inside the pool noodle.

Witch Crash Landing Flower Pot

Next I stuffed the noodles into the legs of the tights and inserted the dowel rods into the center holes of the noodles.  Stick the other ends of the sticks into your potted plant and position so that they look like legs sticking up!