How to Easily Remove Labels from Jars, Bottles, almost anything with what you have in your pantry!

How To Easily Remove Labels

Are you ready to have your socks rocked off?  I am not even kidding.  I have the magic ingredients on How to Easily Remove Labels from jars and containers without leaving that annoying adhesive residue behind!  Hands down this is the best way to remove labels and I have tried them all!

If you are like me you are always thinking “I could use that for something!” when I empty out a jar.  (or peanut butter container!)  And I do use them.  In my craft room to store all my little supplies!  I simply spray paint all the lids and voila…I have cute jars for next to nothing compared to the ones sold in the craft stores!

That glue on jar labels drives me nuts! I can peel the paper layer off and then I am left with this: Yucky, sticky glue residue.

The best way to remove labels and this sticky goo.

Well not any more my friends!!

DIY Cubby System at

DIY Cubby System with 3M DIY

This post is brought to you by 3M DIY.  All opinions and project details are 100% my own!  I am so excited to work with a company that makes safety so easy for DIYers as myself, and creates products that help make my projects seamless.

I built this totally awesome DIY cubby system using my most favorite Alaskan friend, Ana White’s, amazing plans.

DIY Cubby System at

I made both the base and the cubby hutch from Ana’s plans!  I’d love for you to see what I used along the way to stay safe and make my project run smoother!  I have added the changes I made in order to get both pieces of the cubby system out of ONE sheet of wood!  Here’s the changes:

Cubby Sides:  Shave off half an inch and make your measurements 25” x 14” vs. 25.5” x 14”
Cubby Shelves:  Shave off half an inch and make your measurements 27” x 14” vs. 27.5” x 14”

I headed to The Home Depot and had a 4’ x 8” sheet of wood cut for me so it would fit in my car. Here is how I had them cut it:


Personalized Magnet Board

A few weeks back I was asked if I’d like to receive the new Multi-Surface Paints and Mixed Media Stencils from DecoArt to create a project with and share with all of you.   Ummm..YES!  I created this cute and simple Personalized Magnet Board.

Personalized Magnet Board

When I got home from BlogHer, I was greeted with a giant happy mail package from my friends at DecoArt.  If you follow me on Instagram you might remember this image below:

chesayscheryl on Instagram

Oh the fun!  I couldn’t wait to get started.  If you have been here for awhile, you might have heard me say a time or two that I love multi-tasking products.  So a line of paints that can be used on multi-surfaces along with stencils that are designed to be painted on, stamped through, sprayed over…sign me up!

So let’s get acquainted with the goods, shall we? 

Organize with Gecko Tech® Reusable Hooks™ from Duck Brand®

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gecko Tech for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who doesn’t love an organized home?  Right?   We all do and now that back to school is in full gear I am looking for more and more ways to organize my life to help simplify our busy days!  Do you know what else I love?  Being able to adjust and adapt and CHANGE MY MIND if I want to!  I am excited to tell you all about Gecko Tech® Reusable Hooks™ from Duck Brand®


These super awesome hooks require no adhesive and are re-useable which means you can move them around as you see fit! Here are a few ways I used them go get our hours in order.

1.  Use them on the inside of cabinet doors for your measuring cups.


2.  Use them on your lower cabinets to hold towels and brushes

Hang Kitchen Towels with Gecko Hooks

3.  Hang some up to keep your favorite necklaces and bracelets organized and at hand’s reach.  No more digging through jewelry boxes or dealing with tangled messes of necklaces!


Organization with Rubbermaid All Access Storage Bins

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Home Depot & Rubbermaid, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #AllAccessOrganizers”

Do you have any part of your home you need to organize?  I am asking a pretty general and obvious question because let’s all be honest…there is ALWAYS some part of your life or home that needs organizing right?  I didn’t even have to be specific on the part of the house that needs it because these new Rubbermaid All Access Storage Bins can pretty much solve your organizing problems…whatever or where ever they may be!!

Yep, they are that awesome!


I’m gong to show you quickly what I did with mine and then I am going to tell you where else I see these in my home.  I am going to be honest.  I started out and bought two large and 1 small.  Then I went back and bought 2 more large and 2 more small and I may or may not have it on my to-do list to run back by The Home Depot and grab a few more!  They are so awesome I keep finding more and more uses for them!

OK so in my kitchen, the rooms are good size but the cabinet and drawer space is almost non existent.  I have a giant closet that acts as a pantry, broom closet, small appliance storage area, and more!  I’m keeping it totally real here…this is what the bottom looked like:


Don’t worry…I am a bit disgusted myself as well.  And it was a constant eye sore and a constant nagging voice “Do something with this messy area Cheryl!” every time I opened the door!  Ugh!

Now it is awesome!  I added two large  (and came back with a small).  All that stuff down there is now neatly tucked in the bins. 

Fabric Basket Liners

Fabric Basket Liners

It’s no secret…up until this year…I didn’t sew.  You can read all about that here when I shared my woes with my sewing machine.  After I got my hands on a working one, I feel pretty much unstoppable.  I have had the ultimate privilege to work with Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts stores.  I was asked to create a how-to video for their Creativity Made Simple series and I made a one to demonstrate how to make a fabric flower.  Recently I was asked to try out the new line of HGTV HOME fabric and trim.  Of course, my response was a small squeal {that only dogs could hear} and then a big ecstatic YES!  I was so eager to make cute fabric basket liners for my boring bins!

I have found myself purchasing more neutral pieces with the hopes that I will add color pops through accessories and décor.  I have totally been slacking on that second part there – the adding color pops part.  I have these boring bins/baskets that are a necessity in our living room.  Under our TV stand, they house videos/DVDs, books and toys.   So I thought, why not start to do what I said I was going to and add some color!  The vibrant line of HGTV HOME fabrics were perfect for some fabric basket liners for these boring guys!

How to Sew a Rectangle Fabric Basket Liner