Here is a small tip and trick I do that has saved my sanity on more than one occasion.  It seems quite trivial and not really very genius when you just read it, but the moment you implement it and actually have to USE it…it’s like the best day you ever had.  Trust me.  How to Organize Household Manuals.

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Let me paint you a picture.  Something gets stuck in your vacuum because a certain small person thought it was fun to suck up his toys and everything in his sight.  You can SEE the marker stuck in the attachment tube but you can’t GET to the marker stuck in the attachment tube.  You know there has to be a way to disconnect as this can’t quite possibly be the FIRST marker stuck in an attachment tube, right?  Right.  So you go to look for the manual that came with said vacuum.

You know you got one in the box.  You know you browsed through it when you first got it.  You know you remember seeing in there SOMEWHERE how to remove the attachment tube without ruining your vacuum…you know it….but you CAN’T FIND THE MANUAL ANYWHERE.  *sigh*  Annoying.

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Here is what I do.  I have a document box from IKEA.  I have one for household small appliances and house related items and then I have one for the kid’s toys and games.

Easy Household Paper Organization

When we get a new toy (kids or mine *wink*) the manual goes straight into the manual box.  I don’t keep it with the vacuum.  I don’t keep it in my junk drawer. I don’t throw it away.  I put it right in the box.  Then when we need it, it only takes me a few minutes to sort through the box and find what I am looking for.

Easy Household Paper Organization Ideas

This is always really helpful if you have an programmable thermostat. Because you know your battery in there will die, you will lose power and then after 3 years you have to try to remember how to program your darn thermostat and let’s face it…our brains can no longer retain 3 years of gadgets instructions if we have kids we are trying to keep alive!   They have lids, they stack so nicely on a shelf or in a closet and they are ALL IN ONE PLACE!

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If you don’t have an IKEA around (We are getting one here in St. Louis this fall!  {Yay!}) These scrapbooking boxes you can pick up at any craft store work GREAT too!  They have lids, lock and stack so nicely.  You could also use one of those approximately 2,503 reusable grocery bags that I know you have a bag full.  Just choose a bag for each category and fill them up.  For the craft boxes and bags you will need to store inside a closet since they aren’t that pretty but they still work perfectly!

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