If you are looking for a great way to store all those special drawings, perfect little handprint art pieces and those awesome reports your small person wrote, these school year memory boxes are for you! Printable keepsake memory sheets to place on files folders for all the different school years in a plastic sealed bin!

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Paper clutter is my arch-nemesis. Anyone with school-aged kids knows how much paper comes home with them! So. Much. However there are certain things from the school year that I do want to hang onto and these pieces get put in a pile, that gets moved to another pile that eventually gets put in a closet and then forgotten about.

Now multiply that x3 for me and you have yourself a giant ole’ pile of paper mess. The three separate piles merge to one and sometimes it’s hard for me to even remember which kid that piece came from! (I know, awesome mom here!) So let’s combat that, shall we?

School Memory Bin Supplies

For the hanging folders, I let each child choose a color. You could also do them in a rainbow of multiple colors! You know I love rainbow!

Optional School Memory Bin Personalization Supplies

Notes about School Memory Bin

  • The Printable pack has Birth, 1st & 2nd years, Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, and then Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade. I also added years 3 and 4 if your small person doesn’t attend preschool and also year 5 for those littles who do not start kindergarten until they are 6 years old. I also added in Freshman, Sophomore, Junior & Senior nomenclatures in case you prefer those over the numbered grades 9-12 and lastly I included a blank printable in case for all the different version of preschool names!
  • The tabs are the same, there are 2 blank tabs as well as every year, grade and preschool nomenclature! I crowdsourced on my Facebook Page and included all the preschool names you guys listed there!
  • If you choose to personalize the outside with vinyl, you may want to label both the short and long sides of the bin depending on how you need to store these. (see photo below)
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Why use a School Memory Bin?

I know you are probably thinking “Well Cheryl this is just ANOTHER thing I have to keep track of and up to date!” Let me stop you right there. I promise this won’t be another incomplete baby book fiasco! :)

Answer me this: Do you have a pile of school papers “to be filed”? Do you have a “command center” that is overflowing with papers? Do you have stuff from your child in several, random boxes and places around your house?

This bin creates an organized and centralized place for everything to go that you want to hang on to! You know all those organizing people say there should be a place for everything and everything in its place…well HERE IS THE PLACE!

When I want to keep an art piece or a written “What I love about my mom” writing I put it directly in the bin and then it’s safe, it’s organized, and it’s IN ITS PLACE!

It is not on my kitchen counter. It is not in a pile. It is not in a closet. It is where it belongs! {que the singing angels!}

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How to Make School Year Memory Bin

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Create a permanent and organized spot for all those keepsake and memories from your child’s school years in one place with these easy School Memory Bins!

  1. Print off Yearly Memory Printables

    My files are below and you can print them off on regular copy paper or you can use white cardstock if desired.

  2. Print off Tab Tops

    Print off the Tab Tops and break them apart at the perforations. Printed sheet of tabs with plastic tab inserts

  3. Assemble Tab Tops

    Insert the labels into the tab tops. assembled tab

  4. Insert Tab Tops into hanging files

    Carefully insert the tab tops in staggered order into the hanging files. Memory Folders with Tabs assembled

  5. Glue Keepsake Printable on Hanging Files

    Using a glue stick or tape runner, adhere the keepsake printables to the front of the corresponding grade year hanging folder. Be sure the front matches the tab! (note: liquid glue will create ripples in your printable)printable, folder and glue stick

  6. Hang Folders in the Bin and add School Memories

    Hang the folders in school year order and now you have the perfect spot to organize your child’s school year memories and keepsakes! School Memory Bin with Name on outisde and a hanging folder for each year from birth through senior year. Printables on front act as a timeline and folders hold keepsakes

  7. (Optional) Personalize the Outside

    Using your cutting machine cut out name or design from adhesive vinyl. Apply the vinyl to the outside of the bin.

    You can find detailed tutorials here:
    Vinyl 101
    How to Cut Vinyl on a Cricut
    – How to Cut Vinyl on a Silhouette
    How to correctly Apply Vinyl
    How to Layer Vinyl the Easy Way

You can find all of my Cricut Tutorials here and all of my Silhouette Tutorials here! Lots of goodness and step by step instructions!

As I mentioned above if you personalize the outside I recommend doing both the long and short side of the box so depending which direction you store them, you will know who’s is who’s if you have multiple small people!

Here you can see I used the Pencil from my School Days SVG set and also created a circle monogram with some of my favorite monogram fonts and then just used initials for my third. I let them choose what they wanted!

These Artwork Keepers area also awesome to collect all the projects throughout the year and then you can sort through them and keep the favorites!

Easy to Make Artwork Keepers to coral all the masterpieces your child brings home this s chool year


You can find the School Days Clip Art & SVG files here if you’d like to use those to decorate your box!

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There are extra hanging folders if you purchase the packs I have listed in the supply list. If you are interested in a “Home Bin” where there are folders for house/life-related things, drop me a comment below and let me know! I will work on those if there is interest!