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I love back to school time!  Do you?  I love the supplies, I am not going to lie!  I don’t really love alarm clocks, or lunch packing or early bedtimes but I really, really love supply shopping!  Michael loves to play school at home and he also loves to draw and color so I knew I wanted to make him a special clipboard that was just his.  While we were out al Wal-Mart getting our school supplies, I picked up a roll (or six) of Duck Tape®. Back to School Clipboards wtih Duck Tape We stocked up on several rolls because 1.  They are awesome and 2.  Michael kept thinking of more and more things he could cover and so I was happy to oblige with his creativity! Duck Tape Styles

Supplies Needed:

  • Your favorite rolls of Duck Tape®
  • Clipboard
  • craft knife/scissors
  • pen (optional)

Duck Tape Clipboard Supplies at thatswhatchesaid To get started on our Clip boards, I simply started covering the board with the Penguin Duck Tape®.  I slightly overlapped it so that the pattern would match up and look continuous.  I fully covered the clip board. Back to School with Duck Tape Using a craft knife, I trimmed the excess tape from the sides of the board and away from the “clip” part on the top. Decorative Clipboard with Duck Tape Using a few of the scraps I cut from the clipboard, I wrapped an ugly pen we had with cute penguins also!  Now he has a matching set! Matching Duck Tape Pen Duck Tape Clipboards You can buy Duck Tape at Walmart.  Hop over to the craft and painting sections to pick your favorite…or several favorites in my case!  I love the selection and the variety in prints.  The coordinating solids make it easy to mix and match! What would you create with all these amazing patterns of Duck Tape®?  Which pattern or color is your favorite?

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