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Simple Easter Mantel

In keeping up with the cheesiness that I have been producing lately I will just go ahead and say that my Easter mantel is “Egg-cellent”!  There…I said it, and got it out of the way!  I have not been too good at sharing my mantels with you all.  I think mostly because I keep them very simple and re-purpose lots of things around my house to pull them together!  This time, I did make the Blooming Easter Eggs though specifically for the mantel.  When I get an idea in my head it’s best to just get it done than try to shush it!

Easter Mantel

How about we work left to right?  I got that white ceramic pitcher at Tar-jay and filled it with a few blooms of Dollar Tree fake tulips!

Pitcher of Tulips

Next we have the Blooming Egg Décor that I shared yesterday!  So fun and this was the project that I had stuck in my mind since February!

Blooming Easter Decor

Then just like I used for my Winter Mantel, I got a egg felt shape from dollar tree and tied it up with some pretty ribbon and hung it from a frame.  This time, I placed a 16 x 20 blank canvas in the frame.

Framed Egg

Then those cute little chick eggs are actually salt and pepper shakers!  I didn’t feel like filling them this year and I don’t have any other kitchen décor so they found a place on my mantle since they were egg shaped!  I like the pop of yellow color!

Duck Eggs

And last but not least this cute hurricane vase filled with plastic eggs.  The vase is the same one I used for my Berry Candle Centerpiece at Christmas time and it is just now serving it’s Easter purpose!  The eggs I picked up last year on clearance at Target for like $0.20!  I am not even kidding!  I loved the colors of the eggs!

Vase of Eggs

So there you have it!  my simple “eggtastic” Easter mantel!

Easter Mantel


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I also want to mention that Lifestyle Crafts has some CUTE Easter dies that would have made some perfect paper garland for my mantle!

How about this Doily Egg?  All strung up on a pretty ribbon!

Doiley Egg

 I kind of love it!  Don’t forget that you can use code CHESAID and get 20% off of your order at Lifestyle Crafts!  Wowzers, that’s a great deal!

And That’s What Che Said…

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  1. Che,

    You are so luck to have a mantle to decorate. In the house in which we are currently living there is no fireplace hence no mantle. :( I love to pick up things on clearance!!! I am always looking out for things to be super cheap and holding them over until next year. For example, yesterday after reading about your paper mache eggs, I decided to do this. Of course my local craft store didn’t have the eggs and I had to go further a field to get some. The local store is about ten miles away and the other is closer to 25. But within 1 mile of that store is a Michaels and Joann Fabrics plus a Goodwill and Dollar Tree so the trip can be very worth it. Anyhow, the Hobby Lobby had a few St. Patrick items on clearance and I picked up two metal shamrock balloon weight thingies for 83 cents each. They can sit in the box of St Patrick’s Day stuff until next year, ya know? What I’m going to do exactly I don’t know yet but they where cute and could be left alone or cut and the shamrocks made into ornaments for my holiday tree.
    On a separate note, you must have the best Dollar Tree store in the USA. We have four in the areas I shop and NONE of them have the items for your Spring Wreath, the materials for the eggs on your mantle, or the tulips that have been featured. It SUCKS! I hate wanting to do things and not being able to find the stuff it takes to make it.
    On another side note, I found, oh, four years ago, maybe five, these wonderful blue hydrangea flowers at the Dollar Tree and bought all they had in the blue and the white with the intention to make a new spring wreath. Bought both colors because they didn’t have enough of one to make the entire wreath a solid color. My husband had ruined my other spring wreath of faux forsythia so I wanted a new one. But once I got the wreath assembled the blossoms started falling off. I never even hung it outside. Put the wreath in the office and there it sat for awhile. Enter in a new puppy! He ate about 20 percent of the flowers! Well, I never got around to throwing out the thing because I realy liked the blossoms. So I have this beautiful, unstable and with a large hole in it wreath and didn’t know what to do until I saw your eggs yesterday. Hence the need to find those paper mache eggs. I hope that 1) I get it done before sunday, 2) I have enough of those blossoms left to do this, 3) I find something to put the eggs on. I don’t have any pretty silver candle sticks like you do and the Goodwill didn’t have any yesterday.
    Love the blog and read nearly every day. Hope you have a great one!


    P.S. Have forgotten about my adoption what with your move and everything? LOL

  2. Love your mantle!! I can’t believe the egg is a felt egg from the Dollar Store!! It looks amazing in the frame. Of course, I love the flower eggs from yesterday’s tutorial. Oh, the cute chicks are adorable. Needless to say I love, love, love your mantle!!

  3. Your mantel is PERFECT! I love everything about it! But I have to know….where did you get the salt & Pepper shakers??? I have a tea pot that matches them! I ne-e-e-e-ed them! Dona

    1. Thanks Dona, I got them last year on clearance at Target but I saw the exact same ones this year. They are in the dollar spot right as you walk in. Let me know if you can’t find them…I will mail you mine! Never used, except to sit on my mantle :)

      1. Girl, you touch my heart. Thank you so much for offering yours! You don’t have to do that. I did look at 2 Targets near me, and they don’t have them. I’ll live. I’ll just lust after yours!

        Want to tell you, though, I just finished 2 of the wash cloth bunnies for my great granddaughter and they are ADORABLE in their odd-ball cuteness! I think my pom poms might be bigger, and the wash cloth thicker, so they are….well….different than yours, but still cute! Thanks so much for this memory from my past brought new again!

        You are the BEST! Dona

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