Easter sure did “spring” up on us didn’t it?!  Yes, I am oober cheesy these days…not sure why exactly!  It doesn’t really feel like Easter should be a week a way because it just snowed about a foot here yesterday and is still snowing!!  Hello?! I thought it was Spring now?  Did someone forget to forward the memo to Mother Nature?!?  I think so!  Anyway, I made these really cute blooming Easter eggs for my Spring Mantel to get more in the holiday spirit!

Blooming Easter Egg Decor

I kept décor for Easter/Spring this year really simple and these guys were just that.  I bought some flowers from Dollar Tree and some large paper mache eggs from Hobby Lobby (on sale), added a bit of hot glue and some patience and voila!  Perch them on top of some candle sticks and you have décor!

Egg Topiaries copy

These are so easy to make!  I chose white flowers only because they had the most white flower blooms at the store.  They also had pink, purple and a lovely blue/violet color as well!

Blooming Easter Decor

Supplies Needed for Blooming Easter Egg Decor:

  • 12 stems of small blooms of fake flowers
  • 2 Large paper mache eggs
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Candle Stick Holders

Blooming Egg Supplies

Start by snipping the blooms from the stems.  Next start at the top of the egg and hot glue a bloom on.  Then circle the next layer around the single top bloom.

Blooming Egg in Progress

Continue on until you have filled the whole egg.  Note:  Apply in a circular motion around the egg top to bottom versus filling one side and moving left to right.  The coverage is better if you just do circles around the whole egg.

Blooming Egg up Close

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Blooming Easter Decor

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