Tiny Pumpkins plus some gauze and googly eyes and you have these adorable Pumpkin Mummies Halloween Kids Craft. If you are looking for pumpkin decorating ideas, this one is so easy, a no-carve pumpkin idea, and perfect for groups of all ages! 

Mini Pumpkin Mummies Kids Activity
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We made these for my son’s classroom party and they were a huge hit and really easy and fun for a group!

**I recommend checking out local farm stands or farmers markets for the mini-pumpkins.  I found mine at a local family owned farm stand and was able to get 25 of them for the class!  I also love supporting local so there is that as well!

I made a very similar one of these using a faux pumpkin and some Duck Tape for my inside décor!  These are smaller and it was the perfect activity for the class to do!

Supplies Needed for Pumpkin Mummies:


Besides the pumpkins and already having my glue gun, I was able to find all my supplies at my local Dollar Tree!  {They also have those bright orange foam pumpkins you could use instead of real ones also!}

Supplies For Mummy Pumkins - Hot Glue Gun Pumpkin-Scissors-Googley Eyes-Gauze

I started out by cutting the gauze pads into thin strips.  If you can find a roll of gaze you can use that too, just fold in half or cut in half (the whole roll).

Gauze Strips White Tape Make the Perfect Supplies for Pumpkin Mummies

I started off by taking two googly eyes and using my hot glue gun and glue sticks to glue eyes on my pumpkin.   (I did this on all the pumpkins at home and had them ready to go for our class party)

Glue Eyes onto Pumpkin

Next I let the kids use the tape and the gauze strips to cover the pumpkin to create cute little pumpkin mummies!  The tape is so much easier for the kids to use than glue!  It’s easy to rip themselves and the white blends in perfectly with the gauze.

Use Gauze & Tape to Create Mummy Strips

Repeat the gauze strips and criss cross them all over the pumpkin to give the appearance of a mummy!

Wrap with Gauze Strips to Make pumpkin appear as a mummy

When finished you have yourself a cute mini pumpkin mummy!

Pumpkin Mummy Kids Craft

Halloween Kids Activity - Mummy Pumpkin

Halloween Kids Craft Idea - Mini Pumpkin Mummies

Spooky and so much fun!

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Mini Pumpkin Mummies Kid's Activity