Painting Party with Social Artworking

Social Artworking Painting Party

This is a sponsored post on behalf of DecoArt, Inc., Social Artworking.  All opinions are 100% my own.  It was a pleasure hosting this party and I am so excited to be partnering with DecoArt for this awesome experience! I would do it again and again! 


I had the best time the other night!  Do you want to know what I did?  No really…you WANT to know!  I had some friends over and we had a painting party!  No, no we didn’t paint a room in my house, {although that would have been nice!} we painted canvas art through a new program from DecoArt called Social Artworking!


We had such a great time and look what we created!!  Can you believe we painted that!?


Explore your inner Artist with Social Networking

I bet a few of you are thinking, “I’m not that artsy…I probably could not do that!”  Well, this would be a good time for me to tell you that you are wrong.  I normally don’t like to tell you, my fantastically awesome friends that you are wrong, but indeed you are wrong in this case!  This program is for everyone.  It’s sort of like paint by numbers but in grown up fashion.  There aren’t numbers but there are steps.  They are so easy to follow everyone at my party was able to easily create a masterpiece.   My friends ranged from one I had to lure over assuring her she could to do it to an art teacher.  We all had a great time.

Social Artworking Painting Party Fun

It was great to just sit and chat and eat and drink and just be together while we each created a masterpiece that was our own.  Did I mention there was lots of laughing?  Yes lots of fun and LOTS of laughing!

Social Artworking Party Fun Laughing

Beer Tasting Event

Name That Beer! | Father’s Day Beer Tasting Event

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of World Market. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dad’s are so special to me.  Not only my own dad, but my husband is a great dad to my boys.  I was so excited to get this opportunity to plan a little event in THEIR honor to celebrate them as great dads thanks to World Market!

I headed to The World Market to pick out some things that I thought they would love.  I thought it would be really fun to host a beer tasting event for them.  Not just any beer tasting though…a Name That Beer contest!

Beer Tasting  Party with

World Market has this awesome little section where you can make your own six packs.  So you can mix and match as may beers as you wish of all different flavors and varieties!  So no more wanting to try a beer and having to buy a whole 6 pack of it…only to find you didn’t care for it!  You can buy one of each or 3 and 3 or just one if you want!

Name That Beer game

I stocked up on some beer and also some great appetizer/chip cones and little glasses for my beer tasting event!  I gave each of the guys these these printables I made so that they could try to match the beer in their glasses with the beers on the table!  

Mickey Mouse Centerpieces

Another super cute (and super inexpensive) project to add some Mickey Mouse fun to your party!   Items Needed: Small metal buckets or bins Dried Beans Small Doll Rods (1/4” or smaller) Styrofoam balls in 2 sizes (an assortment package at Dollar tree has enough for one centerpiece) Black Paint Embellishments (Pinwheels or star stakes…