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Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Wrappers

Would you like a SUPER EASY way to personalize any party, get together or event?  Enter Water Bottle Wrappers!  I love these things!  They are such a simple way to coordinate your theme into a party!

Earlier this week I shared Ryan’s Mickey Mouse Birthday Invite as well as some Personalized Drink Bottles I had made for the kids to use.

Today I am sharing my cute Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Wrappers I made and giving you a free printable if you want to make your own!

FREE Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Wrappers at
I made these guys using Photoshop Elements 9 and then printed them on regular old printer paper.  I decided that I would just keep the water bottles at room temperature because then the wrappers would stay in tact and cute!  UPDATE:  If printing at an Office Supply Store, ask for Bright White Glossy Text Paper.  It holds up AMAZING!!

I removed the wrappers that came on the bottles, cut the Mickey wrappers using my paper cutter (scissors work too) and then I used some glue dots to hold the wrappers onto the water bottles.  Worked like a charm!  (scotch tape works also!)  I love how simple this was but what a fun impact it made on the drink table!

These work for regular sized water bottles or these cute littles I have above!  It was a 2 year old’s party so we have little waters for his little hands!

Here is a FREE printable if you would ever need them yourself!

Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Wrappers at

You can personalize them yourself if you’d like!  Download your FREE Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Wrappers Here!  (there will not be a watermark on these in the link!)

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UPDATE:  If you are looking for Personalized Mickey Mouse Water Bottle Labels…you are in luck!  I have added them to my shop and they can be customized with your little one’s name and age!

I have several other FREE Water Bottle Wrappers as well!  Be sure to check those out and download your free copy!


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  1. omg i love this wrappers am doing my sons birthday party of mickey in october i had a question what kind of paper should i use and were to find if i would put the waters in ice ???

    1. I recommend White Gloss Text 80# paper, however whatever paper you use will get wet and tear, possibly bleed, if you put the bottles in an ice bucket. You could try wrapping the labels entirely in clear packing tape and sticking them to the bottle that way to protect them!? Just a thought!

  2. Thank you so much for the free printable! They are perfect for my son’s 2nd birthday party! I will be doing a write-up on my blog next week and will give you a huge shout-out for this great design!


  3. Thank You for giving the link to the mickey mouse water bottles. I see that its a PDF file. How can I personlize is without jeopordizing the pixels? I put it into paint and it wont print full page without distorting it. Thank you


  4. Hello! These are awesome! I have the same question about how do you personalize them yourself since it is a PDF file? Or is that something we would have to purchase?

    Thanks for your help!

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