Grab a faux or real pumpkin, along with some vinyl and my hand-drawn sloth face SVG and you have yourself the cutest sloth pumpkin!

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I used a faux white pumpkin for my project which enabled me to actually omit the entire face and fur layer of the design (which was also white) when I applied my vinyl. If you are using an orange pumpkin, you will just want to keep that white layer intact!

Sloth Pumpkin Supplies

I chose to use removable vinyl (Oracle 631) for this project because I like to redecorate in different themes year to year. If you want this guy to stay put, consider using the colors mentioned below but in Oracle 651 Permanent Vinyl.

How to Make a Sloth Pumpkin

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Create an adorable sloth pumpkin to enjoy this holiday season!

  1. Upload the Sloth SVG

    Upload the Sloth SVG into your respective cutting machine’s software. Resize if needed for your particular pumpkin.

    How to Upload SVG’s into Silhouette Studio
    How to Upload SVG’s into Cricut Design Space

  2. Cut your Vinyl Layers

    How to Cut Vinyl on a Cricut
    – How to Cut Vinyl on a Silhouette

  3. Weed Excess Vinyl

    Using a weeding hook, remove the excess vinyl from the vinyl sheet leaving only your design.

  4. Apply the vinyl to the pumpkin in layers

    How to Apply Vinyl
    You may need to cut slits in your vinyl and slightly overlap depending on the curvature and smoothness of your pumpkin. That’s OK, you will barely notice and that’s the best way to get the vinyl to lay flat!

  5. Enjoy your Sloth Pumpkin



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