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Batter Up!

Michael had his first Tee-Ball game last night and OH MY GAWD…I DIDN’T HAVE THE SD CARD IN THE CAMERA! What in the hell was I thinking? Get your shit together MOM!

A Dose of Adult

I packed up Michael & Ryan and we headed to St. Louis for the weekend to celebrate my cousin’s graduation from college.  I really, really needed to interact with some adults and it would be nice to see my family so the trip alone with the boys seemed logical in my head. 

Frame Frenzie

I was finally able to find all the boxes with our family photos in them.  I am only missing one, that I can remember, of our whole wedding party.  The search team is still out on that one,

Butterfly Footprint Placemats

I am a sucker for hand or footprint art!  These Butterfly Footprint Place Mats could not be any cuter!  Use thumbprints to add a few bees and ladybugs as well!

How to Make a Toddler Tutu

Having doted on those adorable tutus listed on Etsy for weeks, I jumped at the chance to make one, or two for my baby cousin for her 3rd birthday.  My aunt who runs a daycare loved them and asked me to make her 6 for her little girls she cares for.  

Welcome to the Family

Let’s start with introductions, shall we?  We will keep this post just about my immediate household.  We have to leave more fun for later, right?

Here are the loves of my life all on one couch cushion! 

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