This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to work with The Home Depot and receive product to enhance our backyard, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

 I am thrilled to share my completed weekend DIY Pergola Project!

Thanks so much for all the love on my new Pergola!  I am so happy it’s built and stained!  I am just in love with it!  If you missed any of my journey…be sure to catch up below.

Planning a Pergola

Shopping & Prep with a Printable Shopping List

Step by Step: Building a Pergola

DIY Weekend Pergola Project at

I have had some people ask me, “What do you do exactly with a pergola?”  Good question!  I am going to give you some ideas and I am going to share with you my future plans for this beauty…because come on…is anything ever “done” with me?!?  {wink}

I kind of think of a pergola as an outside room.  For me, it gives the sense of being cozy in a “room” while still being fully outside and being able to enjoy everything about the outdoors! The is not a “roof” so you still get rain on you!  There are no walls, so you still feel the breeze, Yet the pergola itself gives a sense of structure and definition!

Couldn’t you see yourself sitting under it while the kids are playing on the swing set?  Or entertaining some friends for a BBQ?

Pergola Ideas at thatswhatchesaid

I sure can!  Here are some of my plans for my new outdoor friend!

  •   Remove all the Roses. {giant thorns are not meant for my yard of kiddos!}
  •   Extend the patio out under the pergola and to the right side.  {Can you all send me some good vibes that I can find the same pavers to extend the patio with!  Pretty Please!}
  •   Remove the trees so we have a view of the swing set and more room for a fire pit!  {The trees are top heavy and splitting from the wet heavy snows we had this past winter!}

Plans for Pergola Area

I am also going to take this opportunity to add some color to the backyard.  We have a whole lot of green going on and while it’s lush and beautiful…I like COLOR!

  • I want to add some hanging pots on pretty corner brackets to the back posts of the pergola
  • I want to build some of these great flower towers to put in front of the two front posts where the small flower pots are now!

Plans for Pergola Area 1

We have electricity out in the landscaping area on the right hand side of the pergola (by the flowering roses) so I am also envisioning some outdoor white lights to hang from the cross beams so that we can sit outside at night!

I am also thinking that it would be nice to weave some outdoor fabric in and out of the cross beams for some color!!  Right now I see it as a blank canvas :)

Plans for Pergola Area 2

Even though we still have some work to do on the yard surrounding the patio, you can bet I am still going to take full advantage of using it!  Iced Tea anyone?  I can’t help but to think of the awesome entertaining we can do under our new pergola!  Especially if we have the fire pit off to the side!  How relaxing!

Entertaining Under the Pergola

Along this side of the house right here…I’d love to add a couple of these beautiful vertical gardens!

Plans for Pergola Area 3

Once the trees are removed between the patio and the swing set, I’d love to put one of these Zippered Pathways to connect the two areas together.  There is already a naturally worn path from the kids and the pup, so it only seems logical to make it official!

I cannot tell you how awesome it feels to look outside of my window and see this awesome focal point of my yard and think “We built that!…OURSELVES!”  It is so satisfying!  Building this pergola has really made this yard “OUR YARD”  I am so excited that I was able to #DigIn and get this project done.  I am so motivated to get all my other wishes on my list done as well!  The energy and excitement is charged every time I look out my window!  I am ready to enjoy our outdoors as an extension of our home!  So you probably see more pergola updates and posts in the future!  When I re-decorate my mantel…I will probably re-decorate my pergola :)

DIY Pergola Before and After 1DIY Weekend Pergola Project Before and After 1

DIY Pergola Project at

I hope you will be inspired to sign up for The Home Depot’s Garden Club so you too can make your outdoor space your very OWN!  This weekend project has been so rewarding and wonderful and I am so thankful to The Home Depot for this opportunity!  I hope you will #DigIn and get your hands dirty and try one of the many amazing DIY garden projects The Home Depot has to offer!

You can pin this project right here, that way you will have it when you are ready to get your hands dirty!

 DIY Pergola Project

Since I will be updating the pergola often…You will be able to find all past and future Pergola Posts in one place right here:

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot.

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