Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but I still wanted to share my Free Valentine’s Day Love Printable that I made to fill the frame on my mantle.  Yes, it is still there from my Winter Mantle but now it is filled with Valentine’s day love instead of a wintry snowflake!  I came across this saying and just thought it was nice and decided it’d be a great printable!

Free Love Printable

This one right here in the photo above is a 16 x 20 size!  It has a faded, textured polka dot background and I made it with 3 color choices for the words.  Here is is written in grey color font.  I also made one in white and chocolate brown!

Love Is 8 x 10 grey

Love Is 8 x 10 brownLove Is 8 x 10 white
It is available in three sizes also 16 x 20, 8 x 10 and 5 x 7.  The larger sizes are perfect for framing as well as the smaller 5 x 7 size, but I also thought the 5 x 7 size would be great printed on the front of a card!  Slap it on some cardstock and you have yourself a last minute Valentine’s day greeting card!  The smaller size is also great to fill a frame and place it on your desk at the office!  If you work in a normal office or cubicle, I remember always welcoming a bit of décor to break up the icky colored fabric cubicle walls!

I have really good luck printing these at Walgreens.  They seem to always have a deal or coupon code for their photo department and you can just send them the file and then go pick it up in an hour! So convenient!  Walgreens Photo is where I printed off my 16 x 20 size shown here.

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Love Is... Valentine Decor Printable

Love Is... Valentine Decor Printable

This download is for personal use only!

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