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Valentine’s Day Subway Art Printable

Without further ado…Here’s my Valentine’s Day Subway Art Printable!  I have more free printables to come so make sure you are subscribed via RSS or follow me on Facebook so you can get the printables to come!

Really, these are the easiest decorations ever.  Add a frame of your size choice and instant decorations!  You can also make cute Valentine’s Day Cards with the 5 x 7 size!

Valentine Subway Art 8 x 10

These downloads are free but are only intended for personal use.  Please don’t repost this without properly crediting this post!  You can download 4 different sizes below (without watermark) by clicking the links below!  Happy Downloading!

5 x 7     8 x 10     10 x 13     16 x 20

You can see my complete collection of FREE printables {Here}

And That’s What Che Said… And That’s What Che Said…

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  1. Thanks, kiddo! I love this! But have to ask a question…probably a stupid one, but…..what does the “1-4-3” mean? Or stand for? I’m totally lost and will probably feel like an idiot when you tell me!

    1. hi it means I LOVE YOU, each number stands for the number of letters in every word… 1 for I, 4 for LOVE, and 3 for YOU! :)

  2. Thanks for the printable. I have framed it and have it on my mantle as a Valentine decoration. I will be posting next weekend some pictures of my mantle and will link the printable to your website. Thanks!

  3. I replied to the comments above by email but thought maybe I should comment on here as well! :) 1-4-3 stands for I Love You. 1 letter, 4 letters and 3 letters. That was used a lot in the days before text messages…when everyone had pagers and you had to spell out words with numbers!

  4. Thanks for the printable. I can really sense Valentine’s day. It’s almost February! I remember that 143 days when me and my classmates would always use those numbers and even 14344 – i love you very much. Thanks!

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