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Now that I am staying at home I have realized that I have no order in my day.  None at all. I had to create myself this daily to do list.  Somedays, I don’t even know what day it is!  I like order.  I need order.  Well as much order as one can get with 2 little boys.  I am forgetting things too.  OH YES, FREDDY, I CERTAINLY DID REMEMBER THAT INSURANCE GUY IS COMING OVER AT 5:30. (look at the clock and it is 5:15)  THAT’S WHY THE HOUSE LOOKS LIKE THE JOPLIN TORNADO HIT HERE.  I wanted it to look like that.  You know, because I remembered that he was coming over!  SOB!  Good thing we have big closets!

Oh yea, and sorry if you wrote me an email about 2 weeks ago and never got a reply from me.  A phone call will probably be your best bet if it is about something important!  (Well as long as it is charged)  I meant to reply to you and even started an email and then NO! THAT DOES NOT GO INTO THE VCR RYAN!  And then I tried again but MICHAEL YOUR SCOOTER IS NOT AN INSIDE TOY…even if you are wearing your helmet!  So yea…no reply for you, maybe tomorrow! Again, don’t hold your breath.

Not only am I lacking a bit of needed order. I am lacking a bit of needed “me time”. I am totally guilty of putting anything on my to-do list that is for ME at the absolute very end of my list of things to do. Like so far back you are wondering if you are at the DMV…that far back. This needs to stop also. I need to remain sane in order to keep these kids alive.   I am not even talking about bon-bon’s and soap operas…I am talking about NECESSITIES like this Bert Unibrow I have going on that is not doing ANYONE any good!  Nor is the fact that I haven’t had my hair highlighted since Christmas…yes Christmas.  And Freddy even gave me that great GC to the spa for my birthday…like I rambled about here.  Yet, still haven’t actually gone to get it done…details.  I have no one to blame but myself.

So I am making an attempt to remember what day of the week it is, take some me time and for the love of all things pure and good–get my roots fixed!

If you know me, you know I LOVE lists.  What I love more is crossing things OFF the list!  So I decided to make myself a personalized Daily Do list to help me keep on track of things.  I left off things like “Feed the Kids” because they get mouthy when they get hungry so it’s hard to forget things like that.  (I do forget to feed myself though…shhh)


I even added a section specifically for me.  Because my motto is, if it’s on a list…it must be done so that it can be CROSSED OFF! (are you also sensing a bit of OCD here, yeah me too).  Even if that just means 15 minutes to myself during Ryan’s naptime.  PUT DOWN THE SWIFFER, SIT YOUR ASS ON THE COUCH WITH A MARGARITA ICED TEA, AND READ THAT DAMN COOKING LIGHT MAGAZINE THAT HAS BEEN SITTING ON THE COUNTER FOR 4 MONTHS ALREADY.    The featured spring vegetable is already long gone for pete’s sake and the breakfast that Ryan threw on the floor will still be there when you get done!  But now after reading your magazine, maybe you will have a better idea for dinner besides tacos or frozen ravioli.  See?!  Doing something for myself can really benefit the WHOLE family :)

Sooooooo…..if you need a list for yourself, feel free to print it out.   Happy Listing!  (or Happy Crossing off the Listing if you are like me!)

And for the record…I really do love this madness.  All of it!  Even the stuff I forget and this unibrow is kind of growing on me…literally :)

Enjoy a free printable!  If you like this download, think about subscribing to my blog or following me on Facebook.  You never know, I might ramble about something else you would like!

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  1. I just found your blog through Get Your Craft On and I love the list!! I love marking things off my lists too. btw-you are so freaking hilarious! It’s been a crappy day and I really needed the laugh. I can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :D

  2. You are a freakin’ riot to read. I thought all I was getting by linking thru here from TCB was a printable, but found a new blogger to read to boot.
    “pinning” your to-do list on my pinterest’s to-do list…

    1. Glad to help! I alwasy start lists on scrap papers and they always get lost or never used. I am hoping if it is pretty I will stick with it more!

  3. I am visiting via Today’s Creative Blog.

    This is a fantastic project! Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Tuesday!

  4. Visiting from Not JUST a Housewife. This was exactly what I needed today. And just to prove it, here is my status from FB: “cannot seem to get it together lately. I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off and not really get anywhere on anything. Looking for some focus and order in my life.” Thank you for sharing your list and also helping me to see that I am not alone in the craziness that is being a stay at home mom.

    1. Oh my dear Laura, i am fairly certain I have had that EXACT status once or twice also! I totally understand, and glad to have helped! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Haha- you are hilarious. I know the feeling- I can laugh about it now, because the kids are napping…(I think) Great list- and I love that you added hydration. :D

    1. Thanks! Isn’t that bad though…I have to add it to a list in order to do it! (hydration) I am not sure if that is funny or just plain sad! Thanks for stopping by! I have some plans for some more printables!

    1. Thanks!!! I love meeting fellow Science Crafty people! Makes me feel not so alone in the world!!! Thanks for stopping by! I will follow your blog and hope you come back again!

  6. This is such a cute little planner! One of my girlfriends told me she loves it and plans to use it everyday! Thanks for linking up at The Kurtz Corner!

  7. I totally understand about getting distracted by kids! It doesn’t even work for me to make a phone call because the second I get on the phone, there they are yelling or needing my help! This is a great idea!

  8. I absolutely love it! I’m a big fan of any kind of lists so having a daily list is right up my alley. I might print this off when I get to work tomorrow :p

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  11. I love this printable! I am obsessed with lists as well as printables! I try to make my own in Word, but they never come out as nice as the ones I find online! What program do you use to make them look so nice?!

  12. I like this daily planner page, but I can’t download the pdf. file of it. can you see if there is something wrong with the link?

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  14. Hello,

    I was wondering what program you used to create it? As much as I really like this I was wondering if there was any way to get one I can customize a little more to me??

    Thank you in advance…

      1. Thanks for letting me know, I am really interested in learning how to make these… I am tired of spending so much on my planner.. lol

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