Cookies for Santa, Carrots for the Reindeer!  Create your own Cookies for Santa plate with this SVG download!  These make great gifts (filled with fresh baked cookies of course!)

Plate with Cookies for Santa, Carrots for the Reindeer in vinyl with cookies, carrots and Santa oven mitts
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We still have Christmas magic in our home and I honestly was looking for something new from this Personalized Charger that I made a few years back so I designed a new Cookies For Santa Plate SVG!  This version I included the reindeer!

If you would like to gift, this Santa plate would be perfect with my Santa Oven Mitts

Supplies for Cookies for Santa Plate:

If you are new to using craft vinyl, I invite you to check out my Vinyl Basics post as well as my Best Tips on How to Correctly Apply Craft Vinyl post.

I have included both a round and a straight design.  Even though my plate is square, the center portion is actually circular!  So I did both designs so that you would have a design that works for both round or square plates!

DIY Cookies for Santa Carrots for the Reindeer Plate

How to Make A Cookies for Santa Plate:

I cut my vinyl using my Cricut Maker.  I weeded all the excess vinyl with my weeding hook, leaving only my design.  I used transfer tape to easily move the vinyl from the paper backing to my plate.

A tip I use to help center my designs:  I use a dry erase marker to mark the center and where the edges of the plate start to curve up.

White plate with dry erase marks

It’s hard to see when trying to place the design and this helps.  Be sure to erase the marker BEFORE you place the vinyl though!  I like to stick mine down on one edge, erase the marker and then place.

(If you don’t erase the dry erase marker it just builds up a bit along the edges of the vinyl.)

Is Craft Vinyl Food Safe?

It most definitely is not however for a few cookies for Santa I am comfortable using it!  I certainly wouldn’t serve a steak dinner on top of it! {wink}

If you are nervous about it, simply use a clear plate, mirror the design before cutting and place on the back of the plate.  Similar to my Vikings Plate that I painted.

Can This Santa Plate Go in the Dishwasher?

I will tell you that EVERYTHING goes in the dishwasher at my house.  Momma needs all the help she can get around here.

If you want my “official” response it would be that it depends on what type of vinyl you use and how powerful your dishwasher is.

But honestly, a few cookies and carrots?  Dust that off and call it clean!  {wink again}

Cookies for Santa Plate with Cookies & Carrots on it

Download Cookies For Santa SVG Here

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Cookies for Santa Plate. Perfect to gift as well