Spruce up your garden with this fun Caterpillar Painted Garden Stones! A few edging landscaping stones plus paint and little helpers make this a fun activity to do with kids to keep them busy and creative on spring or summer break!

Landscaping Block painted like a caterpillar and set in a garden.

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I am participating with my friends in craft lightning and this month’s theme is painted rocks! I went a little nontraditional with these edging landscaping rocks but rocks are rocks, right?

This was a great project to keep my kids busy and creative while we are on summer break and also to add some cute pops of color to my landscaping!

Garden Stone Supplies

Supplies for Garden Stones

NOTE: For brighter colors, paint your rock white with a coat of acrylic or a pass of white spray paint!

How to Make Painted Garden Stones

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Add color to your garden with these cute caterpillar garden stones! Have the kids help you paint them and spread them around your landscaping!

  1. Paint the landscaping rock white

    Paint the base coat of your rocks white for brighter colors! You can omit this step and just add another coat of colored paint.

  2. Paint each section with a color of your choice

    Mix and Match or Paint it solid! Whatever you prefer!Landscaping rock painted like a caterpillar in different colors

  3. Form antennas

    Fold the pipe cleaner in half and then curl the edges to form antennasCurled Pipe Cleaner to resemble antenna

  4. Glue on antennas & eyes

    Using hot glue, adhere the antennas and googly eyes to your caterpillar. Have an adult help with the hot glue gun! Googly Eyes and Pipe Cleaner Antenna glued onto Landscaping blocl

  5. Find him a home in your garden!

    Place your new garden stone in your garden or landscaping! Caterpillar Garden Stone In the Garden

Don’t have access to the edging landscaping block? No problem, look at this cute stone caterpillar from my friend Angie!

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