With the beautiful summer sunshine upon us I thought it’d be a great time to share these simple DIY Suncatchers made with tissue paper and press-n-seal. This project is awesome because it will keep your kids busy and really has no mess!

DIY Kids Crafts SunCatchers. So easy and fun and keeps kids occupied!

A few months ago I shared my DIY Kaleidoscope where my oldest son helped me.  Today I am sharing a great project that your smaller children can do with no problems at all – sun catchers!  If they can pick up a piece of tissue paper and set it down, they they can help!  With the warmer weather comes more sunshine and I love to let the kids create their masterpieces and then we plaster their bedroom and playroom windows with their beautiful creations!  They love seeing their work displayed and love the colored light reflections that come through the windows!

Supplies Needed for DIY Suncatchers:

  • Press-n-Seal (found near plastic wrap and aluminum foil)
  • Paper/marker (for younger children)
  • Different colors of tissue paper
  • Different colors of cardstock or construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • You best little helpers!

This first step is optional.  For little man I asked what he wanted to make and gave him a few ideas of things I could draw simply {kite, heart, flower or a sun}  He chose flower so I quickly drew the outline of a flower on a piece of paper.

Next I placed the drawing of the flower under 1 piece of press-n-seal.   Press-n-seal is perfect for this project because it is forgiving.  One side is just tacky enough to hold the tissue but it is not so tacky that he couldn’t reposition the tissue if he wanted or too tacky that it stuck to his hands as something like clear contact paper would do.  Be sure to put the tacky side up.

How to Easily Make Sun Catchers on www.thatswhatchesaid.net

I dug into my tissue paper collection {all that tissue you get in gifts, Save it!  It is PERFECT for kid’s crafts and it doesn’t matter that it’s a bit wrinkled!}  and I cut strips of yellow and blue tissue paper per Ryan’s request.  I let him cut it into squares.  Cutting is his favorite thing to do and supervised using children’s safety scissors, it’s a great fine motor skill for him to practice!  You could also have your child tear the tissue paper into pieces!

Sun Catcher Helper

Once that was done I let him stick the tissue where ever he wanted using the drawing as a template.

making a sun catcher at thatswhatchesaid

making a sun catcher 1 at thatswhatchesaid

When he was satisfied with his creation I covered it with another piece of press-n-seal locking it in place!

Add layer of Press-n-seal to suncatcher

Cut a frame from some cardstock or construction paper and find a spot on your window to hang!

Suncatcher at www.thatswhatchesaid.net

Enjoy it their masterpieces in the sunlight!

DIY Suncatchers from www.thatswhatchesaid.net Made with Tissue Paper and Press-N-Seal!

Sun Catchers

{These are much more pleasant to look at than my neighbor’s yard!}

You can do these for the seasons {snowflake, sun, rain drop, leaves} or you could do holidays {Christmas tree, heart, shamrock, flag} or you can make “church glass” as Michael (my 6 year old) calls it.  He means stained glass, but he is too cute to correct!  So save that tissue paper (or pick up a pack at the dollar store) and get sun catching!

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